Brad Pitt comes to the rescue of Sandra Bullock and surprises her with his beauty

Brad Pitt made a hilarious appearance in Sandra Bullock's new film, The Lost City

Brad Pitt made a hilarious appearance in Sandra Bullock’s new film, The Lost City

Sandra Bullock and Channing Tatum joined forces – and a lot of humor – to star in the comedy The Lost City, production that has just released its first preview and is already giving something to talk about. Why? Because in the images you can see a very hilarious scene starring Brad Pitt, who agreed to make a cameo as a strong character who comes to the rescue of the actress. This film, which also stars Daniel Radcliffe as the villain, has a release date for March.

The lost city

Sandra Bullock and Channing Tatum / The lost city.

Tatum plays Alan, the model for the book covers that Bullock writes, the author Loretta Sage in fiction. In the film, the actress plays a lonely woman who writes about exotic and adventurous settings. In the first images, the protagonist is reluctant to promote her new book because she prefers to spend her time in the bathtub while drinking Chardonnay with ice. However, he agrees to go on tour with Alan, the handsome model who is the face of his books, to meet his fans and sell copies of his novel. “You know you’re not Dash, right? Dash is a character that I invented, “Loretta tells Alan, who actually thinks he is Dash.

The lost city

Sandra Bullock, Daniel Radcliffe and Channing Tatum, in The Lost City (Instagram lostcitymovie /)

While on tour promoting his latest book, Sage is kidnapped by a billionaire (played by Radcliffe) who hopes she will guide him to an ancient treasure that appears in his books. Alan, who dedicated his life to embody the hero of his novels, wanting to show that he is as heroic in real life as the character in his books, tries to rescue the author.

Pushed on an epic adventure in the middle of the jungle, the unlikely couple are united with a single goal: to survive the setbacks that appear and find the treasure before it is lost forever. The film is directed by brothers Adam and Aaron Nee (The Last Romantic, Band of Robbers Y Masters of the Universe), the script is in charge of Dana Fox (Cruella) and round out the cast Da’Vine Joy Randolph, Patti Harrison, Oscar Nunez and Bowen Yang. But, in addition, the great surprise of this production is the small participation that makes Brad Pitt, who takes on the shoes of a muscular special agent who thanks his father “meteorologist” for his beauty while rescuing the writer from the clutches of the villain.

Entertainment Weekly revealed days ago how the idea of ​​Pitt appearing in this comedic cameo came up. Apparently, the actor and Bullock share a stylist, Janine Thompson, who served as mediator. It was she who got that the actress will star alongside Pitt Bullet Train, in exchange for him appearing in The Lost City. His participation was recorded in four days.

Bullock agreed with his co-star that Pitt “stole” the film and that they gladly gave it up. “He came in and broke it all. It’s really funny, “he said of the actor’s performance. “Yeah, he came in and played a certain character who fits into this weird world and he just jumped right in,” Tatum added. “I knew him, but working with him was something completely different. I couldn’t concentrate, it really was an out-of-body experience in many ways, “he added.

In addition, the actress spoke of the stereotypes within these types of films: “That’s what is so fun: you can take old settings and make them new easily. And the funny thing about the female-male narrative is that now we can turn it around because it is no longer ‘this is the role of the woman’, ‘this is the role of the man’. We can use all of that and create a whole new dynamic and that’s pretty much what we did. “

The lost city

The lost city

Bullock and Tatum work together to find treasure and get out of the jungle.

As for the role of the villain, played by Radcliffe, Bullock said fans will be surprised. “He’s so crazy and cute and cunning… I don’t know how to explain it,” she said, adding, “But you wouldn’t think that he plays such a sinister role in such a beautiful, calm and attractive way. It’s really going to surprise people. “

Tatum also expressed what he hopes viewers will take away from this adventure comedy: “Movies for me and throughout my life have been ways of escaping and I have learned that you are going to seek that, entertainment. But with good movies, you end up learning lessons because you can watch the characters learn things along the way and grow. I hope people really like this escapist film, but that it also tries to give them something on an emotional level without losing the fun. “


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Brad Pitt comes to the rescue of Sandra Bullock and surprises her with his beauty