Brenda Asnicar presented her millionaire boyfriend on television: “I met him in a bar and I loved it”

Brenda Asnicar is dating Adam Justin, whom she met in New York (Instagram)
Brenda Asnicar is dating Adam Justin, whom she met in New York (Instagram)

More and more in love and fully enjoying each of its steps, Brenda Asnicar She continues to focus on her musical path. The ex divine from Ugly Duckling just released his new job Bandit and in that plan he visited Germán Paoloski in It’s not too late, in the late night of Telefe. During the interview, in addition to talking about personal matters, and performing a jazzy version of her latest hit, the actress introduced her boyfriend to society adam justin.

What at first was all mystery, over time became more and more visible. In different interviews, Brenda was telling details of her relationship with the millionaire Adam Justin, a major real estate agent, head of a family business in New York called Justin Management and a polo fan. Last October, during su visit to ph can we talk, had recalled that it was love at first sight, born in New York City: “I met him in a bar and I loved it,” he summarized without hiding his love.

In the dialogue with Paoloski, Brenda expressed the possibility of remarrying and her desire to be a mother at some point, when the driver invited Adam to join the talk. With the actress as translator, the driver interviewed the impromptu guest and thus we learned that it was not the first time he had visited the country, since he had been about ten years ago to play polo. “That is something that connected us. He really likes Argentina, he really likes horses, I love them”, Brenda pointed out, while the images showed her riding a horse playing polo. “I have the best teacher here,” he added.

Brenda Asnicar introduced Adam Justin, her boyfriend whom she met in New York (It’s not that late – Telefe)

He then expanded on the crush story, with a mutual friend who introduced them in New York. “We went to see jazz. It was love at first sight. When I saw him I said: ‘ah well, this kid what’s up’”, said the actress, while Adam expressed the same. “Look what a cute couple they make”, expressed the driver, while the bride and groom approached their heads to end the scene with a kiss.

It should be remembered that in 2017 Brenda married the Colombian businessman Alexander De Angle, who in all the time that the relationship lasted almost did not speak or show publicly. For greater secrecy, the couple celebrated their wedding in Croatia. Why there and not in Argentina or Colombia? “Because it cost the same for the guests to travel to his country. At the ceremony we prohibited cell phones, so that it would be something intimate. And we ended up being few. Some who did not understand our low profile, did not come”, he assured.

At the beginning of 2020, Rumors began about his relationship with Mauro Ezequiel Lombardo, known as Duki. They were shown for the first time together in March, whenThe singer shared a recording in the stories section of his Instagram account after having enjoyed a potato cake made by his grandfather. “The toothbrush,” the musician wrote about a video in which his girlfriend covers her face to avoid going on camera. The confirmation came after they were seen together in different summer spaces, such as Santa Clara del Mar and El Calafate.

Brenda and Duki were together for a year and according to what she told Jey Mammon, everything ended on good terms. “I didn’t leave anyone for anyone,” he said first. Pwe roast the whole quarantine locked up. A lot. It was amazing because it was a very good company. 2020 was a very difficult year. We got together before the pandemic and it’s a sweetness. We want it strong, strong, strong. I love him strong”Brenda closed, forming a heart with her hands.


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Brenda Asnicar presented her millionaire boyfriend on television: “I met him in a bar and I loved it”