Brenda Zambrano and Luis “Potro” Caballero: their first fight in the competition

The House of Famous 2: Luis


Brenda Zambrano does not tolerate that Potro has yelled at her

The House of the Famous 2 every day brings to light the great differences of celebrities, it must not be easy to be living together 24/7 inside a house, monitored and away from the outside world. Although Brenda and “Potro” have already had friction in the past, now they go to the screaming in the famous reality show that reveals the true personality of the participants.

Brenda yells at Potro and he tells her to shut up

All this originated during one of the tests of The House of the Famous with which the inhabitants had to comply in order to obtain the benefits and thus make the weekly purchases. This one had a small change of rules, which caused the confusion of the participants and that they were not clear about what they should do. While they were trying to understand, Zambrano yelled at Potro and he immediately told him to shut up, a situation that got out of control and made them both feel angry.

Brenda did not remain silent and complained to her partner in such a rude and despotic way that he told her to shut up, so much was her annoyance that the discussion erupted into shouting, which caused Natalia Alcocer to stand in the middle to do understand that their behavior is not the most appropriate within the competition. In turn, Alcocer wanted to bring Potro to reason by advising him to be more tolerant and that he should be aware when addressing a woman, to which the singer also replied that this situation is not a gender issue. “It is the same lack of respect for both men and women”, were Potro’s statements after the events that occurred.

Natalia Alcocer tries to reason with both Potro and Zambrano

On the other hand, Natalia wanted to reason with the celebrity known for her participation in “Acapulco Shore” because this situation made her Luis “Potro” Caballero entered the list of nominees for the week, “I don’t understand why they shelter in the pe** just for being a woman” referring to the fact that her cry had nothing to do with Brenda being a woman but rather it was an impulse to disrespect because of the moment Zambrano yelled at him.

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Natalia Alcocer did not miss the opportunity to also speak with Brenda Zambrano but she was very angry about what happened and that Potro had no reason to shut her up or put up with her attitude, because she already knew him from the past, at that time, Alcocer assured that it was normal that they had that kind of clashes because they They were like brothers, because Zambrano flatly denied any type of relationship and assured that they are only co-workers.

This situation has created a lot of tension within The House of the Famous and today we will discover who will be the celebrity saved from elimination, every week the situation becomes tense in the most famous competition on Hispanic television

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Brenda Zambrano and Luis “Potro” Caballero: their first fight in the competition