Britney Spears does not forget: she wants to put her father on the bench and get her money back

“Mr. Spears can run, but he can’t hide forever.” Those are the crystal clear words of Britney Spears’ attorneys about her father, her father James, JamieSpears, 69, who for 13 years and until last September was his legal guardian. Although the singer has eight months of long-awaited freedom, she does not forget what she suffered during the years in which her father controlled her personal and professional life, as well as her fortune. And that is why she has decided that her legal team will pursue him in court.

The singer’s lawyers accuse James Spears of avoiding, for months, making a legal statement in the competent court. The first time they were notified was on October 20, just three weeks after the artist achieved freedom, as the magazine has learned exclusively People. Therefore, they accuse him of “hiding from his legal and fiduciary obligations.”

“After using his daughter’s money for more than 13 years to pay for his legal costs and expenses, for the first time Mr. Spears will now have to bear his own legal costs,” writes Mathew S. Rosengart, attorney for the singer, in documents obtained by the publication. As is clear from the statements, money is important in the case. The singer’s lawyers accuse her father of having kept 6.3 million dollars (5.9 million euros) of Britney Spears’s fortune, and also of “paying his partners tens of millions more” to throughout a guardianship that they describe as “corrupt and conflictive”. In fact, just before she was released from custody, Spears’ attorney already explained that Jamie wanted to receive two million dollars before leaving her custody.

Lawyers have been trying for months to get James Spears to answer their “unfinished business” questions. Specifically, they have asked him to explain how he handled his daughter’s money during those 13 years but, they say, he is “obstructing and hindering” that statement. They accuse him of having “unfinished business” that he is avoiding closing with them and that he has rejected some of the notices they have sent him to testify, stating that he was “unavailable” and that he now lives in Kentwood (Louisiana), and that the declaration requests are for Los Angeles, in the State of California.

A few days before being released from her guardianship, it was learned that Britney Spears had all her communications intercepted and monitored thanks to an electronic control device installed by his father on his mobile. Lawyers now also accuse James Spears that he is avoiding turning over “communications related to the shocking surveillance apparatus set up to spy on his daughter.”

Jamie Spears has been the legal guardian of Britney Spears from the year 2007 until September 2021. Last year, in July, the singer finally got her own legal team; since her father controlled everything in her, he had also established who her lawyer was, who came to Compare your abilities to those of a person in a coma. However, with the arrival of his new lawyer, Rosengart, the situation took a turn.

After years in which her opinion had not been heard or she had not been able to raise her voice, Spears was able to speak last year in court, which was also key to achieving the change of lawyer. A shocking statement in which he assured that both his father and “everyone involved in this custody”, including his manager, “should be in prison”. “Before I thought no one would believe me. I thought people would make fun of me. But now I want my life back. It has been enough, ”she sentenced.

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Britney Spears does not forget: she wants to put her father on the bench and get her money back