Britney Spears signed a multi-million dollar deal to write an explosive biography

They claim that Britney Spears signed a millionaire agreement to write her memoirs (Reuters)
They claim that Britney Spears signed a millionaire agreement to write her memoirs (Reuters)

Britney Spears prepares to write her memoir for USD 15 millionreported this Monday the media Page Six, which obtained the exclusivity of the agreement. The publication notes that the 40-year-old pop star sealed a contract with the publisher Simon & Schuster for explosive book about his career and the years he lived under the abusive tutelage of his father.

The deal comes after a bidding war from several publishers to get the first-person account of the singer. According to a source from the aforementioned medium, “the agreement is one of the largest of all time, behind the Obamas.”

The rights to Barack and Michelle Obama’s books were sold in 2017, for a sum reportedly in excess of $60 million, the largest figure ever known for non-fiction books. For his part, former US President bill clinton got a contract 15 million for his post-presidential biography “My Life” in 2001.

Britney Spears, at war with her sister:
Britney Spears, at war with her sister: “Only a trash could say those things about me”

According Page Six, Spears has been preparing to write her memoirs after the harsh accusations made by her younger sister, Jamie Lynn, in her book titled “Things I Should Have Said” (in Spanish: “Things I Should Have Said”), published in January of this year. In her post, Jamie Lynn described a time Britney picked up a knife and threatened her.

An accusation that Britney herself vehemently denied. “I have never been near you with a knife or even thought of doing something like that. Only a trash would make up those things about someone”, the artist wrote on her Instagram account.

Spears also posted on her social network profile that both her sister and her mother, Lynne, allowed the harsh conditions she lived under legal guardianship for 13 years. “Lord, have mercy on the souls of my family if I ever give an interview.”

Britney Spears and her future husband Sam Asghari (REUTERS)
Britney Spears and her future husband Sam Asghari (REUTERS)

Britney has published several messages on Instagram, some in an aggressive tone and others more conciliatory, in which she shows her disappointment with her sister’s statements and recalled that He even waited “days” for me to answer his calls.

The singer’s lawyer, Mathew Rosengart, sent a letter demanding that the artist’s sister “cease and desist from making derogatory references to Britney during the promotional campaign”. “If you do not do so and continue with the defamation, Britney will be forced to consider and take appropriate legal action,” the representative said in the letter.

Despite the fact that Jamie Lynn Spears has stayed out of the scandals that have surrounded Britney’s life, in recent months the singer has publicly accused her sister of profiting from her work and not providing support as she pleaded for an end to the legal guardianship that controlled her life for more than a decade.

“Even though Britney hasn’t read and doesn’t intend to read her book, she and millions of her fans are shocked to see how he has re-exploited it for monetary gain. She will not tolerate it, nor should she,” the lawyer insisted in the letter.

Britney’s battle for her freedom was perhaps one of the most talked about news stories in Hollywood and the world in 2021. After numerous documentaries covering the pop star’s legal and family drama, Judge Brenda Penny released her from judicial guardianship of almost 14 years in November. Ultimately, Jamie Spears lost control of her daughter.

Jamie Spears has said her only goal was to help her daughter get rehab after he suffered a mental breakdown in 2007 and that he always acted in his best interest.

The artist, who has sold more than 100 million recordshas regained its autonomy and will now be able to make use of its heritage of 60 million dollars.

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Britney Spears signed a multi-million dollar deal to write an explosive biography