Brooklyn Beckham and Nicola Peltz will marry in the Jewish rite

In mid-July 2020, Brooklyn Beckham, the firstborn of David and Victoria Beckham, surprise announced their engagement. She had been dating Nicola Peltz for a little over a year, but they were both determined to get married. A year and a half has passed and, for the moment, there has been no wedding, but the couple wanted to give details about what the event will be like and has surprised by announcing that the union will be carried out by the Jewish rite.

Beckham and Peltz have given details in a video they have made for the US edition of Magazine fashion and in which, on the occasion of Valentine’s Day, both cook together. In addition to making heart-shaped pizza, a Martini-based cocktail and a chocolate volcano (“dairy-free, for God’s sake,” Peltz cries), the couple also discuss their wedding plans, not revealed until today. moment.

While they are shaping the menu, the two young people (she is 27 years old; he is about to turn 23) recount some anecdote related to the kitchen that leads them to talk about the future marriage. “It’s the only thing you asked in the meetings about the wedding: ‘Don’t have square plates!’” she recalls. Although from what they imply the celebration will be imminent, at no time do they give a date for the link.

“This week we are trying to choose the main drink for our wedding,” explains Peltz, while Beckham lists that they are considering some combination of Martini with coffee, lychees or elderflower. “We are at the top of the wedding preparation,” he says. “It’s a lot of fun and it’s weird, because the more meetings we have, the more real everything seems. As if everything were still false, ”says the boyfriend, while she supports him.

“I’m going to take a yarmulke”, he assures, while she clinches: “Yes. A Jewish wedding. A yarmulke It is a small flat cap, black or colored, worn by Jewish men in traditional rites. “Friday night Brooklyn is going to stay with my dad and my brothers, and then with his dad and his brothers, and have like a boys sleepover, and I’m staying with the girls. So from dinner on Friday night we won’t see each other again, until we get married at noon. [del día siguiente]. We have panicked for that, for spending that night apart, ”says Nicola Peltz, half jokingly half seriously. “I get sad, it’s like: what if he doesn’t show up at the altar and I just stand there waiting? My biggest fear,” laughs Brooklyn Beckham. “I’m definitely going to cry. I am not going to say the song with which it will enter, but every time I hear it I start to cry”, he assures, while she explains that sometimes they put it in the car. “But not too much, we don’t want to get bored of it.”

Although the Beckhams are not very religious (David has once commented that he was born into a family with Jewish ancestry, but also baptized their two youngest children a couple of years ago), the origins of Nicola Peltz do definitely permeate Judaism. His father is Nelson Peltz, a famous businessman born in 1955 in Brooklyn to a well-known Jewish family. Billionaire thanks to owning the famous Snapple beverage brand for years, it is estimated that his net worth reaches 1,500 million euros and Forbes places him among the 2000 richest people in the world. Nicola, born in 1995 in New York, is the daughter of Nelson and his third wife, former model Claudia Heffner, whom she married in 1985 and who left the catwalks to focus on the family business. Together with her husband, she manages several investment funds. The young woman has four brothers; two from her father’s previous marriages and two others—actor Will Peltz and famous hockey player Brad Peltz—from both father and mother. In 2016, Will and Nicola got matching tattoos that read “family comes first” in Hebrew characters. Jewish traditions are important to the Peltzes, and as the newspaper explained The New York Postthe businessman spent more than two million euros in the celebrations of the bar mitzvah of two of his children, celebrated in a luxurious hotel in New York.

During the talk for fashion, Nicola Peltz also gives an account of how her marriage proposal was, unexpected even for her. “Brooklyn arranged a little date night and we rode a golf cart to a small area where you could see the entire lake. He covered the entire kiosk with flowers”, she recalls, to which he retorts that he was “super nervous”. “He was literally shaking, he had a bottle of wine and he couldn’t open it. He then got behind a bush and got down on his knees. I couldn’t even see the ring, I started to cry,” recalls Peltz. In fact, as he recalls, the young woman took “more than five minutes to give an answer” because of her emotion.

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Brooklyn Beckham and Nicola Peltz will marry in the Jewish rite