Bruce Willis reappears on networks after announcing his retirement from acting due to health problems

Bruce Willis He reappeared on social networks after announcing his retirement from acting due to health problems. She was the actor’s own daughter, rumerwho announced the news stating that his father had been diagnosed with aphasia.

“As a result of this illness, Bruce will step aside from his career, which has meant a lot to him,” the heiress said. Bruce’s condition affects his ability to speak, write, and understand language.


The announcement caused concern among the followers of the protagonist of films such as “The fifth element“, “Hard to Kill” either “The sixth Sense“; considering that the Hollywood star had not appeared in public in recent months.

However, a recent Instagram post by Emma Heming, wife of Willis, has brought joy to her fans. Despite the difficult time they are going through, the couple has shown signs of love and strength through some images.

“Mom and dad in their favorite habitat” can be read in the description of the snapshots that were taken by their daughter, Mabel Ray Willis. In the postcards, the couple poses romantically in the middle of a forest, sitting on a trunk.

As expected, the photos that were shared on social networks caused various reactions from the followers of Bruce and Emma, ​​adding more than 85 thousand “likes” and exceeding two thousand comments.


The Aphasia Help Association defines it as “an alteration of language produced by a failure in the nervous system. A communication problem that implies a social problem. This total or partial disability implies relational difficulties in people’s lives. who suffer it”.

However, the real cause of aphasia is unknown since, ultimately, it is an organic injury that occurs by chance and accident.


This disease is not foreign to the film industry. The actress Emilia Clarke, protagonist of “Game of Thrones”, suffered two aneurysms while filming the series, the first one in 2011; British humorist Terry Jones, founder of Monty Python, was diagnosed in 2016 with primary progressive aphasia; and Italian film director Michelangelo Antonioni also suffered from aphasia, after suffering a stroke in the mid-1980s.

Other famous people who have suffered from aphasia are Michiko, wife of Japanese emperor emeritus Akihito; the American writer Harold Robbins, who had suffered a stroke in 1982 that sometimes caused aphasia or mental block; the Argentine military Jorge Videla, a member of the military junta that on March 24, 1976 led a coup d’état, after a blood supply to the brain suffered partial aphasia.

Also the Argentine singer Gustavo Cerati, after a cerebrovascular accident in 2001; the Mexican writer Sergio Pitol and the Algerian president Abdelaziz Buteflika (2019).


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Bruce Willis reappears on networks after announcing his retirement from acting due to health problems