BTS: Suga’s reaction to the terrifying prank ARMY played on him

The members of They always seek to be close to their millions of fans, although at some point they have wanted to surprise them more than necessary. This is the case of , who got the joke from , although his agility to respond at that moment turned into an epic reaction which we will recall below.

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It is necessary to remember a time of terror where the rapper of the band, in the middle of a live broadcast, received a practical joke from his followers, from which he came out with great cunning, practically leaving the entire fan base to ridicule.

The South Korean group has a style to publish their photos and videos with moments alluding to Halloween, even in some presentations they were able to show a montage of confrontation against a zombie invasion. Others believe that during their trip to Malta they had an otherworldly experience for what was Bon Voyage.

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Live and direct broadcasts through platforms such as Weverse and Live are a common resource of Bts to make the relationship with his fans always as close as possible. Although, on some occasion the followers have wanted to go overboard and play a cruel joke on one of the singers.

These communications between Asian singers and their fans usually originate in the recording rooms, while they are on tour in a hotel room or the rooms where they rehearse. It is in this space, where the youth idols share what their day to day is like and try to answer the majority of questions.

It was in 2018 when Suga he was sharing a nice moment right with his loyal fans, until a joke got out of control. It was night, the singer was alone in a room and one of the comments tried to scare the Asian idol. ARMY He made comments making the rapper believe that something or someone was behind him, they even wanted him to think that the painting on the wall was moving.

What the followers of the boy band is that Suga was more cunning than his shy character tends to project. The idol of many young women made believe that he had fallen for the heavy joke and appeared to be terrified by the comments he read during the broadcast. The singer’s scream made the omelette turn in his favor and so it even seemed that he was making fun of ARMY.


Three years later, ARMY tried to repeat the horror joke right before Suga, but this time the BTS singer He did not have that much patience and his serious side was revealed to break with what his fans were trying to do. This happened when the rapper’s companions told him that the bear figures behind him were moving, to which the South Korean star only managed to say that they take capture of what they saw and report to the company.

Currently it is known that Suga not only cares about being a great artist in his genre, but has also started reading the best books to be a good future boyfriend. The work the rapper is reading is “The Courage to be Hated”Which talks about how to have the courage and courage to venture into relationships without fear of being hated or loved.

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BTS: Suga’s reaction to the terrifying prank ARMY played on him