BTS: the time V got lost in Sweden and ended up at an ARMY’s house

Endless anecdotes have lived the members of the band when they have to travel to different corners of the world. Among these stories, there is one in particular, which has been starred by a member of , who posted a photograph of the singer , ensuring that he visited his home when he was on a tour of some European countries. Here we tell you how the South Korean artist and the young woman had this connection, through a simple image.

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One of the greatest fantasies of the loyal followers of the boy band is to meet them in some part of the planet; either by a live broadcast, on the street or perhaps, face to face after having won one of those raffles that is done to be able to accompany the artists in one of their presentations.

This illusion seems to have come true to one of the fans, who belongs to ARMY. The dream come true happened when the singer Taehyung came to your country, Sweden, and took a picture right in front of his house. The BTS follower could not believe it and years later she assured that the idol had been right inside her house. In the next few lines we are going to tell you what exactly happened.

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BTS was scheduled to make a trip to Europe in 2016 in order to record the first season of the ‘Bon Voyage’ program. At that time, the singers were able to visit different places, and lived many anecdotes such as the loss of RM passport and the misplacement of V, who for not knowing the streets of Sweden took the wrong bus and ended up right at the house of one of his fans.

The BTS production had decided that the young people of the band go out to know some Swedish corners, without imagining that Tae you would get lost because you took the wrong bus. Seeing himself aimlessly, V took out his cell phone and took a picture to immortalize the moment, while he waited for the other staff members to come for him.

Taehyung He turned the tense moment he was living through having lost his way and decided to enjoy the scenery a bit, in addition to continuing to take pictures. One of these images, years later, has served to ensure that the Asian singer visited one of his fans, a story that seems more like a fantasy of the young woman.

The ARMY member, was identified as Jonna (@jonna_bts), who in 2019 through his Twitter account confessed that V for BTS He had visited her at her home and had even taken some snapshots in the backyard of her home. This narrative became known in the ARMY Selca Day, an event that takes place every month and where the fans of the band recreate the photographs of their idols.

ARMY recreated the photograph that V took at home (Photo: Jonna / Twitter)


V is currently 25 years old and is one of the most popular members of BTS, recognized both for his vocal talent and for his performance as a composer, dancer and actor.

Taehyung is one of the vocalists and the second youngest member of the South Korean group, also made up of Jin, Suga, RM, J-Hope, Jimin, and Jungkook. He was considered the most handsome man in the world in 2017 and in the month of October 2021, he was talked about after rumors emerged that he was dating a young woman.

V is the second youngest member of the South Korean group (Photo: Taehyung / Instagram)
V is the second youngest member of the South Korean group (Photo: Taehyung / Instagram)

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BTS: the time V got lost in Sweden and ended up at an ARMY’s house