Cameron Diaz, what is he doing now after retiring from acting

Many actors decided to leave the hectic life of filming and become ‘normal people’, even disappearing completely from the acting world. This seems to be the case with , who for some years left the recording sets to be a woman like any other. Next, we will tell you what the American does after leaving acting.

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Cameron Diaz is remembered for being in the universe of hollywood actresses from the time of the 90s. His career was on the rise and for a long time he became one of the indisputable for the film industry. Her work has been so good that despite being away from cinematographic works for many years, it is still considered by critics as one of the best in the entire history of the seventh art.

The veteran actress is a native of San Diego, California, United States, where she was born on August 30, 1972. From the age of 15 she began to demonstrate her talent, first as a model, since she still had to share this work with her work as a student, which was a condition to be able to continue developing as an artist.

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There came a day that Cameron Diaz she understood that it was time to take a break from the hectic life that being one of the best actresses in the world gave her Hollywood. When she was nearing 40 years, the actress took a step to the side and decided that it was time to see for the people who really mattered to her. It was at that moment that he made the decision to leave acting, according to his account in an interview for the program ‘Hart to Hart’.

“I was not managing my life. One day I understood that my daily routine should be everything that I could handle and do on my own., without delegating to other people to be able to solve them. When you do something at a really high level for a long period, which takes you all the time, you miss out on giving it to other people “, said the remembered protagonist of “Los Ángeles de Charly”.

The actress was one of the faces most requested by Hollywood producers (Photo: BEN STANSALL / AFP)
The actress was one of the faces most requested by Hollywood producers (Photo: BEN STANSALL / AFP)

“There were many parts of my life that I was not touching and that I was not managing well, as I needed to. It’s fun to act and I love it. If the opportunity presents itself, I will return, but with other conditions. Today my life is focused elsewhere “added.

2019 was a totally special year for the actress, as her daughter was born, Raddix. Although many inquired to meet Cameron’s first-born, the photographs were not very frequent, and the actress was in charge of talking about this in an interview that she gave time after giving birth.

“People know who I am, but I want them to have autonomy. For these reasons they will not see many photos of her, especially her face “explained the interpreter, who implies that she does not want her little girl to carry the backpack that means being the daughter of Cameron Diaz.

Currently, Diaz is dedicated to his new endeavor, which is totally different from the work he has done in the last decades. She has a line of wines, ‘Avaline‘, which she launched in association with a friend in mid-2020. The drinks she recommends are white and rosé wines, produced only with organic grapes, as they do not have sugars because they have been released on the basis of chemicals.


When he was barely 20 years old, Cameron Diaz began to dabble in acting, almost by chance. With the vehemence that his young age gave him, he went with everything in his role, which was in an erotic short film in 1992, which was called “She’s No Angel”.

Years later when remembering this experience, the actress, a bit more mature, said that it was fun to participate in that production, although she was clear that it was not something she would like to continue doing, as she was looking for other bets.

It was then that in 1994 her career took a tremendous leap when she was summoned to participate in the successful film “The mask“Where he was the partner of the protagonist, played by the also established Jim Carrey. Although he did not have much exposure on the film, a few texts were enough to make his full potential clear.

Your participation in “The Mask”, Without a doubt, it opened many doors and contracts that she would take advantage of. Among the most remembered productions we find: “Moon without honey” (nineteen ninety six), “My best friend’s Wedding“(1997) and”Charlie’s Angels”(2000). Then she has participated in more than 40 films, which she has shot even on par, so it is logical that this led to an inevitable fatigue that made her decide to leave everything and dedicate herself to her family and her new business.

Drew Barrymore, Cameron Diaz and Lucy Liu in the movie "Charlie's Angels" (Photo: Sony Pictures)
Drew Barrymore, Cameron Diaz and Lucy Liu in the movie “Charlie’s Angels” (Photo: Sony Pictures)

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Cameron Diaz, what is he doing now after retiring from acting