Camila and América Fernández let their family pamper themselves on their 24th birthday

Without a doubt, November 30 is a very special day for all the Fernándezes. And it was on this date when Alejandro Fernandez and America Guinart welcomed their beautiful twins into their lives: America and Camila, so the joy for the entire clan was doubled. 24 years after that big day, the family has come together again to let the twins know how much they are loved, dedicating the most special messages on their special day, all this just a few days after having celebrated in style the christening of Cayetana, Camila’s first daughter, so the family has not stopped for celebrations.

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One of the first to show the great affection he has for America and Camila was ‘El Potrillo’, who through his Instagram profile shared a beautiful postcard in which he can be seen posing next to his two daughters, who delicately they kiss their dad’s cheeks. Along with the image, the interpreter dedicated some beautiful words to his daughters, making clear the great love and pride he feels for them. “Today I celebrate two of my greatest loves! May life continue to fill you with blessings and health, and may all the light that you give to the world return to you. Never stop showing how strong and amazing you are. I love you with all my heart! Happy birthday, beautiful! ”, Wrote the extremely excited interpreter.

For her part, América Fernández also dedicated a nice message to her beautiful daughters, which was accompanied by some beautiful photographs in which the two birthday girls appear, posing next to their mother and little Cayetana. “My double prize! Happy Birthday! I thank God for one more year of her life, for celebrating it together and healthy. Cami, you meet them very lucky, celebrating for the first time with your daughter, being a great mom; with a beautiful husband and family that you have raised. The smile and the light that I see daily on your face fills me with peace. Stay brave, passionate, deep, fair, strong and persevering. May music, art, creativity, love and God continue to be the great inspiration of your life ”, expressed the proud mother.

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America continued with her message, now referring to her other twin. “Ameriquita, you fulfill them full of dreams, plans and projects. Keep enjoying traveling, finding fun in everything you do, seeing something funny in every detail and bringing out those laughs and smiles that I enjoy seeing on your face so much. Never forget that you are strong and capable. May fashion, art, creativity, love and God continue to be an inspiration in your life! Through thick and thin we will always be together! I am very proud of you. I love them with all my being! ”, He concluded.

Without a doubt, this birthday has been very special for Camila and América Fernández, who in the last year experienced very important changes in their lives. On the one hand, America decided to give herself a new chance in love next to the handsome Ignacio Zermeño, with whom in recent weeks she has been seen most in love. And on the other hand, Camila is in a very special moment of her life when she became a mother, so without a doubt this birthday will be very special for her, because it is the first time that the singer will celebrate next to her little Cayetana. .

America’s special message for Camila

Demonstrating the unity that has always characterized them, América Fernández did not hesitate to dedicate some beautiful words to her twin sister, making clear the complicity and great love that exists between them. “Congratulations half mine! I love you always. I am the proudest of the person you are today. I love you and I admire you very much! And may there be more than a thousand together”, said the birthday girl, who this day has reached 24 years .


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Camila and América Fernández let their family pamper themselves on their 24th birthday