Camilla’s new title that places her closer to the throne (and that Felipe VI also has)

I couldn’t end the year better for Camilla Parker Bowles, the wife of British Crown Prince Charles, and what (if own Elizabeth II allows it) It will be in a future Queen Consort of England. Although at the rate things are going it is not clear if the monarch plans to leave office at some point because, note the data well, this year that we have just started the 70th anniversary of his arrival to the throne. Se-ten-ta is said soon but, with all that she carries on her back, it must not have been an easy path.

For Camilla, 2021 says goodbye with an important novelty and a new title to add to her curriculum: she has been appointed, this December 31, by Isabel II, Lady of the Order of the Garter, Britain’s most prestigious title, thus underlining its growing prominence in the monarchy.

“Her Majesty the Queen is delighted to appoint Her Royal Highness the Duchess of Cornwall (…) as Royal Lady of the Very Noble Order of the Garter “, stated the Buckingham Palace in a statement. This distinction is granted by the sovereign without the advice of the prime minister and with it will have the same rank as the children of the monarch.

The queen, with her son and Camilla. (Jacob King Pool / REUTERS).

The most prestigious order in the United Kingdom was created in 1348 by Edward III as a reward for bravery and loyalty to the English Crown, inspired by the legendary knights of the Round Table of King Arthur. Along with Elizabeth II and Prince Charles, 24 English gentlemen and ladies from different social classes and eight members of the British royal family are part of the congregation.

Reaffirming your role

For Camilla, 74, it is a great honor and recognition of her increasingly present figure in the private and public life of the Windsors. If the outbursts of her relationship with Prince Charles were complicated in the face of the gallery (remember that many pointed it out as the one responsible for the break of that tale of princesses who starred Charles and diana), this concession is one more step to leave behind any doubts regarding its role with the crown, establishing it as a key figure in the British monarchy. The Duchess of Cornwall, along with Prince Charles, has been winning more presence, visibility and popularity thanks to their multiple commitments, as the 95-year-old Queen Elizabeth II has gradually given up on them to take more care of her health.

Little by little he has been gaining the appreciation of the British by getting involved in subjects that are dear to him, like reading, or more trivial aspects such as confessing that you are a fan of the television show ‘Strictly Come Dancing’, a kind of ‘Look who is dancing’ in the English way where famous people demonstrate their dance skills. Recall, for example, that Camilla she married Prince Charles in 2005 in a discreet civil ceremony and in the absence of the sovereign. Also, during the marriage, he chose for not taking the title of Princess of Wales, that Diana used to wear, so as not to offend public opinion. During these years, the Duchess of Cornwall has proven to be a tireless worker, she gets along phenomenally with her stepchildren and the currents of opinion now play in her favor. The debate will arise again when Carlos has to reign. In its day there was talk that it could be considered as Princess consort, others say that the most plausible thing is that she is called Queen Consort.

Other components of the Order

In the Order of the Garter there is another group made up of several European monarchs such as William of Holland, Carlos XVI Gustavo of Sweden, Harald of Norway, Beatriz of Holland or Margaret of Denmark. In that select group there is also, since June 2019, King Felipe VI.

King Felipe VI, after being invested as a new knight of the Order of the Garter. (EFE)

The monarch with his wife, Queen Letizia, They traveled to Windsor Castle, where they spent the night at the personal invitation of Elizabeth II. There they prepared for a solemn day that began when Queen Elizabeth II decorated our King with the Order of the Garter. In July 2017, during the State visit of the Kings to the United Kingdom, the sovereign already distinguished the monarch with this order, but it was not until two years later that Felipe was invested as a knight and they handed him the relevant ‘uniform’ that consists of of a garter – it ties with its buckle with which the stocking or breeches is tied by the hock -, a star, a necklace, a navy blue cloak and a hat with white feathers.

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Camilla’s new title that places her closer to the throne (and that Felipe VI also has)