Camille Gottlieb and her growing resemblance to her grandmother Grace Kelly

The celebrations of Monaco’s National Day on November 19 served us to see once again the entire Grimaldi family, with the remarkable Charlène’s absence. Prince Albert of Monaco he was at least very well accompanied this time by his sisters, Princess Carolina and Princess Estefanía.

But many eyes were fixed on another more discreet member of the family, Camille Gottlieb. The youngest daughter of Estefanía de Monaco once again demonstrated that of all her grandchildren, she is the one who most resembles the late Grace Kelly, the Hollywood star turned into a member of European royalty. A resemblance that seems to grow as the years go by.

The 23-year-old girl wore on this important date in her country a simple black dress adorned with gold buttons and a matching headdress. With her long blonde hair she looked like the picture of Alfred Hitchcock’s muse.

Daughter of Grace’s youngest and her former bodyguard, Jean Raymond Gottlieb, Camille grew up alongside two older stepbrothers from her mother’s previous marriage, Louis and Pauline Ducruet. The young woman spent last year’s confinement with her glamorous mother and stepsister, who has released her own non-binary fashion line, Alter, whose designs have not hesitated to show off on more than one occasion.

Despite her regal birth, Camille is out of the line of succession to the throne of the small nation, since her parents were not married when she came to the world. For the past several years it had largely stayed out of the spotlight, though in 2019 it became spokesperson for the organization Be Safe Monaco to stop driving under the influence of alcohol, after losing a friend in a traffic accident for this reason.

Photo: Princess Charlène of Monaco, in a file image. (Getty)

Speaking to the media in an interview at the time, she admitted that she doesn’t drink as she doesn’t like to lose control. He also shared then how is the relationship with his parents, saying: “My father is my right lung, my mother is my left lung. Without them, he could not live. They weren’t together for long, but they always told me: ‘You were a desired daughter and our happiness is that you are here.’ I feel very lucky. I would not exchange my family for another for the world“.

She is also very close to her stepbrothers: “Between us, we call ourselves the Three Musketeers. With Pauline, we don’t need to call or text each other to know that all is well. Louis is very protective of the three of us, he is the most serious, the wisest. My sister is more rocker, more rebellious perhaps “.

More active in their social networks for a few months, Camille already has about 85,000 followers on Instagram, with whom he shares images of his luxurious day to day and also shows us his partner, Medy Anthony, with whom she has been in a relationship for some years now, trying to challenge the legendary curse of love in the Grimaldi.

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Camille Gottlieb and her growing resemblance to her grandmother Grace Kelly