Camille Vasquez, Johnny Depp’s lawyer, reacts to rumors of romance with the actor

Camille Vasquezthe lawyer of Johnny Depphas taken center stage in recent days during the trial for defamation that he faces with Amber Heard. The questions of the lawyer in the interrogation have put in trouble the team of lawyers that defends the actress.

However, her notoriety has gone beyond the walls of the courtroom by being romantically linked to the protagonist of “Pirates of the Caribbean”. In social networks, the interaction between the two is discussed, since they are constantly seen smiling at each other and winking at each other.

Last Tuesday, at the exit of the court, a reporter from the international media ExtraTV He asked Camille if she was dating Johnny Depp, but the lawyer only managed to respond with a laugh to continue on her way. The moment was recorded in a video that is already circulating on social networks.


Johnny Depp He has been very kind to his lawyers during the defamation trial he faces with his ex-wife, Amber Heard. It has even been speculated that the actor would be dating Camille Vasquezhis lawyer, fueling rumors of an alleged romance.

However, sources close to the lawyer confirmed to the site TMZ that the alleged sentimental relationship between the two characters is nothing more than a fiction coming out of social networks, despite what some people believe what they are seeing in the courtroom.

The fact is that Johnny and Camille have starred in scenes of complicity, to the point that they seem to be constantly relating in a somewhat intimate way.


However, the sources of the aforementioned media indicate that the entire legal team is focused on defending their client and that the professional relationship with the actor has passed to a friendly level after the oral trial sessions.

As for all the smiles and laughs that some have noticed between Johnny and Camille, insiders point out that she finds him funny and sometimes can’t help but laugh at some of his jokes or his sense of humor.


More relevant still, sources indicate that Camille is happily engaged. The lawyer is dating a British citizen who works in real estate, with whom she has been in a serious relationship for several months.

They also point out that Camille doesn’t think Johnny treats her any differently than the other attorneys, as they are all trying to stay strong as this trial progresses.


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Camille Vasquez, Johnny Depp’s lawyer, reacts to rumors of romance with the actor