Camilo’s ex-girlfriend cleared up doubts and explained why she doesn’t delete her photos with him

Gabriela Andrade, ex-girlfriend of the Colombian artist Camilo, explained a big question to her almost 100 thousand followers that she has on the Instagram social network.

The one who was the first couple of the national singer, in the years 2012 and 2013, made a round of questions where one of his fans asked why he had not deleted the photos of his profile on this digital platform.

“This is a topic that many are curious about. I don’t delete my photos with Camilo because I don’t delete my photos with anyone. Less if they were an important part of my life, because deleting photos does not erase what has been lived, so it does not matter to have them or not to have them and I prefer to have them, “Andrade wrote in one of his stories.

This was Gabriela Andrade's response to her followers on Instagram
This was Gabriela Andrade’s response to her followers on Instagram – Photo: Instagram @gabyandradev26

A few days ago, Andrade was also a trend due to the surprising physical resemblance that she has with Camilo’s wife, Evaluna Montanerwhich has the fans of both artists, literally, with their mouths open.

Both are white-skinned, with light hair and very similar faces, specifically in their nose and eyes. So she showed a video published by the Instagram account of the show’s notes called Rechismes. The recording shows several photos of Camilo with Andrade, in what seemed to be a teenage courtship.

For this publication, Camilo became a trend in social networks in the last few hours. The video has also gained strength on Tik Tok. In it, Gabriela is seen with poses of selfie very similar to those that Evaluna Montaner constantly publishes on her social networks.

Some fans commented that both women “are identical”, starting with the hair, the face and their facial expressions.

“Everyone has a pattern of tastes”, “A few million differences”, “I didn’t know which is which”, “There are both? I don’t differentiate between them, haha.” “It has a resemblance”, “They are identical”, were some of the comments that stood out the most on Instagram.

Other followers of the couple of artists consider this type of publication disrespectful, since Evaluna has a son with Camilo. Neither of them has issued a public statement on this subject, nor has Gabriela Andrade, who is currently happily married and has a two-year-old girl.

Of course, the Colombian is enjoying his stage as a first-time father to the fullest, as is his wife, also a singer and actress, Evaluna. Both do not miss the opportunity to capture special moments with their newborn baby, Indigo. In an oversight of her husband, Evaluna recorded when Camilo pampered her little girl, held with a blanket to her chest, and also danced and sang the song hit to put her to sleep

In the short clip, which the singer’s daughter Ricardo Montaner posted on her Instagram account, Camilo is seen barefoot, as he is used to even at his concerts, in the patio of his home in the United States. In the background, you can also see sheets and cloth diapers hanging on a rope, as a sign that they do not put disposable diapers on the baby and opt for the ecological.

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Camilo’s ex-girlfriend cleared up doubts and explained why she doesn’t delete her photos with him