Cande Tinelli uploaded a photo in a bikini and had to go out to respond to criticism for her body

Cande Tinelli pointed against the haters and gave advice to his followers

Although today there is already a greater awareness of how harmful criticism can be for a person’s physical appearance, the truth is that social networks are still plagued with haters that are dedicated to flooding the profiles of celebrities with derogatory comments. In this sense, one of the figures that suffers most is Cande Tinelliwho often chooses to ignore them but other times prefers to make it visible so that, precisely, this is finished modus operandi.

He did so in the last few hours, when he received several messages criticizing the last photo he shared on his Facebook profile. Instagramin which she was seen from behind, lying on the sand and in a bikini, while enjoying a vacation in Europe with Coti Sorokinher boyfriend.

The photo for which Cande received criticism from haters
The photo for which Cande received criticism from haters

“It’s a magazine”, “A newspaper”, were some of the comments from Internet users, alluding to his tattoos. To which she replied ironically: “Brad Pitt spoke”. “What an impression”, “With so much tattoo, I wouldn’t even wear mesh”, “It scares me hahaha”, were other comments. However, and fortunately, the vast majority of his followers praised her beauty.

Cande Tinelli's response to haters
Cande Tinelli’s response to haters

In any case, the influencer also wanted to leave an extensive reflection on it in her stories. “Funny and quite sad at the same time, seeing the comments about my body being in 2022. Then they throw phrases like ‘my body, my decision’ but they are the first to criticize the other. Advice: do what the ORT * sings to you with your body and your life. People will always criticize everything you do.”, he wrote in a first story. And she continued: “I love every one of my tattoos. That’s really the only thing that matters. Make your ass a vase.”

In that line, he added: “This is like this: if you are skinny, they criticize you (but at the same time it is what is aesthetically best seen in this society, right?) If you are fat or gained weight, they will also criticize you and even they laugh, and they make you memes maybe. So FEAR, let’s not eat. Let’s not enjoy the best things in the world: eating. If all of a sudden you’re doing great and they see you happy, YOU SHIT. Nothing worse for the hater than seeing you happy. I mean, NO. If I am unhappy, you also have to be. What if you have or don’t have. For both things they also criticize you, right? If you happen to have a higher purchasing power for whatever reason, get ready because they are going to kill you. You can’t have more than the other, no, don’t even think about showing it on top because they’re going to destroy you. Hide your life and your happiness better.”

Cande's stories
Cande’s stories

“Hide your reality. Pretend you’re wrong, but stop… Because if you’re wrong, what? You can’t go wrong having it all. What’s that? Nerd. Then you can’t suffer either. No, of course, the one who has money does not suffer. Nothing happens to him in his life. Silver does not cure everything. So do not even think about saying that you suffer from any disorder, be it depression, anxiety, anorexia, bulimia, because they will also criticize you. And no, no one wants to be criticized, what a horror that people I don’t even know don’t love me, “he added, referring to criticism for his high purchasing power.

Continuing with the theme, he deepened: “But I can go on and on writing. Such is life, such is the human being. We try to be open, we pretend that at this time nobody cares about anything. How much truth there is in this? We all want to fit in, I always wanted to fit in, all my adolescence, and do you know what I achieved? Being unhappy. So I speak from the heart, enough. Really, be free. make your life. They will never have peace because there will always be some gil/gila who comes to want to interrupt our happiness… Don’t get hooked. What that person says about you is simply a reflection of his emotional emptiness. people carry crosses. And sometimes very heavy. “Do what makes you happy. Hurry because life is very short. We are people passing through the world. Nothing more than that”hill.

Cande Tinelli left a deep reflection on the criticism he receives
Cande Tinelli left a deep reflection on the criticism he receives

However, not satisfied with his extensive reflection, he filmed himself leaving one last message: “There you answer me and they put ‘Cande, don’t be bad’. I’m not bad, I really want to say that this annoys me but it doesn’t affect me… It doesn’t make me traumatize myself with my body, with my tattoos, that they tell me I’m skinny, that I’m bone, I don’t care about that. I am very well and I feel very safe with my body, I love them, I love my tattoos”.

And he clarified: “What I feel is a bit of responsibility, having this social network and so many followers, to be able to transmit this message and tell all people to please not get involved, do not get hooked with this type of people, because it is full and not it’s going to stop… Hate is like thatthe one who hates is like that and is not going to stop because he cannot, he is very unhappy”.

Finally, he closed: “I don’t want them to screw up or give them time, or get bad, because there are people who are able to have it less laborious and beat them seriously, so my responsibility is to tell them not to screw up and be happy . That’s why I insist on this topic and they tell me ‘the more hooked you are…’. No, is not that. I live my life, I’m happy, but I do what I want, I’m very happy. I have a life that I cannot complain about, I have my things but I am very happy, it is reality. But I had a rough time as a teenager and I don’t want people to have the same thing happen to them, because I know what it is and it’s horrible. There is a beautiful life to go out and eat it, and enjoy, and do what everyone wants without giving explanations. They are free, no one belongs to anyone, no one is more than anyone else, we are all the same shit and we are all going to shit dying. It’s like that, it’s reality and this seems important to me in everyone’s head, all of them.”


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Cande Tinelli uploaded a photo in a bikini and had to go out to respond to criticism for her body