Cansu Dere and Miles Chamley-Watson, are they really dating?

the ” and “Unfaithful”, has been characterized by keeping his love life in reserve, although he long ago revealed that he was a victim of infidelity. As of early 2022, however, the actress has been linked with fencing star Miles Chamley-Watson, though things have happened to call their romance into question. Is he really her boyfriend?

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The 41-year-old actress is one of the most sought after in Turkey and has achieved international fame, thanks to her good work and beauty. She knows how to take her time for everything, because she travels whenever she can, where she relaxes and gets to know different cultures and people.

And it is that Cansu Dere He lives fully with the recordings of “Unfaithful”, which is recording its second season and also brings him interviews and events. Apparently that production gave him the opportunity to meet Miles Chamley-Watson, who has been linked as the new love interest of the Turkish, will it be true?

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according to the Turkish media, had started a relationship with the world fencing champion ex-boyfriend of singer Rihanna and Madelaine Grobbelaar Petsch, 27 years old.

The couple was photographed for the magazine’s first 2022 issue , which is published four times a year and focuses on a different topic in each issue. In the suggestive images of her they are seen embracing, she sitting on her legs and lying on the floor. The athlete posted the cover and wrote: “There is no better way to start the year than with an amazing cover for Magnet Quarterly with the incredibly talented @cansudere.”

Sabah’s Bulent Cankurt, who claimed that the two had a romantic relationship, made the following statements in his column: “I don’t know where or how they met, but their love started about two months ago…. When I saw her on the cover, I was like, ‘What the hell.’”

The images that the duo showed during the photo shoot were like a proof of love and the project is said to have made them very close. However, Watson got back together with her ex. The athlete, 32, was photographed in Los Angeles with the famous actress Madelaine Petsch, 27. She is known for playing Cheryl Blossom on The CW series Riverdale. Cansu has only said that she “starred in another betrayal.”


The Turkish actress Cansu Dere also suffered what is told in “Unfaithful”. The artist experienced the betrayal of a sentimental relationship when she found out that Cem Yilmaz, her partner with whom she was for seven years, was cheating on her with another woman.

They have known each other since 2006 and already had plans to get married when she found out that her partner at the time was cheating on her with her friend Ahu Yağtu, the actress who plays Piril in “Woman”. Cansu had introduced them at first and then she was given the worst scenario she could have imagined.

Her ex-partner and her friend got married, had a son named Kemal but the marriage ended with a divorce in 2014. “Being cheated on is not a situation that I am not familiar with, just like it happens to many people. (…) Lying is such an ugly trait that I don’t want to have a liar in my life. In fact, the faster I get out of my life, the better, in my opinion,” Dere said in an interview for “InStyle.”


The protagonist of the soap opera “Infiel”, Cansu Dere spoke about this type of situation that has become normal in her country because there are laws which have been established to be respected.

During her time in Spain, the famous actress gave an interview to some media outlets and was asked about this issue.

“Censorship always limits, in any field, be it your work or your normal life. There is a limitation in our work, obviously. There are regulations that we have to comply with by the country in which we are living. It is not very good to have so many limitations, but we have to comply”, said Cansu Dere.

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Cansu Dere and Miles Chamley-Watson, are they really dating?