Cardi B ‘explodes’ at rumors of alleged rivalry between her and Billie Eilish

Cardi B.

Cardi B.

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Cardi-Bwho a few weeks ago temporarily deactivated his Twitter account as a result of the harassment suffered by his own fans, has once again harshly charged against the professional debaters who roam freely on the internet due to the rumors that have been unleashed on account of an alleged rivalry between her and the singer billie eilish.

The hip hop star has come to the fore to criticize those who claim that he has a confrontation with the Californian after their meeting at a party after the celebration, last Monday, of the Met Gala. Everything comes up with a short video that portrays Billie in a mocking attitude and, apparently, referring to the interpreter as “weird“. Cardi’s followers stormed onto social media to make the young woman’s behavior ugly, especially since the rapper was hosting the event.

In her latest Twitter message, Cardi B has made clear her fed up with the tendency that some users have to create artificial clashes between the artists of the pop universe. “I hate the internet because, to get starteddowhy they have to turn one of the best parties of the year into a drama? Billie is my f***ing baby. From the Met Gala to the end of the party, everything was drama free. doWhy do they want to ruin everything??”, he has unburdened himself.

And it is that, as usual, the short recording that has generated so much controversy has been completely misinterpreted and taken out of context. Billie herself had to intervene to clarify that her comments were not directed at her good friend, but at those fans who prefer to overwhelm their idol with their mobile phones to take a picture of her rather than look her in the eye and try to speak civilly with her. .

“Oh my God. I was really worried that you would see that. I was calling a lot of the people around you ‘weird’ because they were coming up to you with their phones like they wanted to shove them up your ass.. And I wanted to tell them to look you in the face!” Billie explained in a voice note sent to Cardi herself, who was quick to respond to try to reassure her. “The internet is trying to divide us. They don’t understand that you are my baby!” she replied.

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Cardi B ‘explodes’ at rumors of alleged rivalry between her and Billie Eilish