Carelessness or stunt? The twist of Letizia’s ponytail that has gone unnoticed

Kate Middleton may have worn ponytail in formal acts before Letizia. However, the Spanish Queen has been in charge of finding the perfect hairstyle, capable of rejuvenating, keeping up with trends, enhancing hair health and combining naturalness with elegance. The leticoleta Not only has it become a hairstyle that Leonor and Sofía can adapt to their youthful style, but the rest of the European royalty has also included it in their gallery of hair looks, as we have seen in the ponytail-tie Sofia from Sweden or the low ponytail of Mette-Marit from Norway.

Mette-Marit, Sofía, Rania and Letizia, with a ponytail. (Getty)

The mastery of the styling team of the Queen has been perfecting the ponytail until achieving a modulable height to which the fringe is added or subtracted depending on the event. For evening looks in which a more glamorous and festive touch is allowed, Letizia raises the height of the ponytail to the crown, multiplying the movement of the ponytail and stretching her features. But while the height can be modified according to the chosen style, what never varies in the Queen’s ponytail is the way to hide the hair band. To the place a lock of hair around the rubber band, this is covered and the ponytail looks much more natural, without change in tone, more polished and you can even gain a few millimeters of volume. As with the trend ponytail, the more turns the hair tie is turned, the more the ponytail separates from the nape of the neck and, therefore, appears to have more movement.

Detail of the ‘lumps’ in Queen Letizia’s ponytail. (Getty)

However, in one of the last appearances of Queen Letizia, when she went to the premiere of the opera ‘Parténope’ at the Royal Theater, her usual mid-length ponytail, with which she shows off her ultra-healthy and shiny hair, looked different. In the area of ​​the crown, just where the rubber traps the hair, some strands appeared somewhat misplaced. Although they were not out of the hairstyle, as if they were the typical rebellious hair, their texture was different, almost like tiny braids of their ends only visible at the top of the head. Carelessness or stunt?, were the two logical explanations for this new hairstyle.

Photo: Queen Letizia, at the Royal Palace on October 12. (Getty)

On the one hand, it could be a poorly finished hairstyle, done quickly and without finishing the ponytail, while, on the other hand, it could be the agile trick of an expert hairdresser to enhance the volume of the hair. When in doubt, we turn to the experts to untangle Letizia’s curled locks.

Detail of the braided strands in Queen Letizia’s ponytail. (Getty)

For Jesús Tornero Solana, creative director of Blow Dry BarWe are clearly dealing with a subtle intentional carding: “It is a technique used to give the ponytail a carefree air and reduce the seriousness of the hairstyle. Once the hair is collected, some strands are raised slightly to create volume, or we can also make small twists and, once done, collect the hair in a ponytail ”. This type of collection would fit perfectly with the image that the Queen has tried to project in recent years. In addition to its dark brown coloration, which is very natural and easy to maintain, there are gray hair, little elaborate hairstyles (of appearance) and the almost total reduction of very striking accessories, beyond the formal tiaras. It wouldn’t be the first time Letizia resorts to texturing her hair to enhance the volume of her updos, although she usually hides her tricks by covering them with strands of hair.

Letizia, in ‘Parténope’. (EFE / Juan Carlos Hidalgo)

The stylist Gabriel Llano, founder of the salon of the same name, coincides in this technique of braiding some strands very lightly to increase the volume in the crown area, in addition to providing another texture to the hair because, according to the hairdresser, it is not a classic pigtail. “They have twisted the ponytail to give it a bit of volume and texture,” he explained.

Letizia’s usual ponytail at the Princess of Asturias Awards concert. (Getty)

The other trick that has become a basic norm in the Queen’s collection is the resource of the ‘tirito’, also used to make some foxy eyes without medicine aesthetics involved. “What you can see is actually ‘el tirito’, take a little hair from the temples and tie it in the occiput to open the gaze and raise the eye,” Llano pointed out. Although this type of lift with the hair are much more evident when the pigtails are polished back -Bella Hadid is an example-, by keeping the part in the middle and combing some strands on the sides, the band is covered and the trick is less noticeable.

The middle part in Queen Letizia’s ponytail does not run through the entire scalp to add volume to the crown. (Getty)

There is also the verdict of another of the most famous stylists in the capital, Eduardo Sánchez, from Maison Eduardo Sánchez, that pointed more to an oversight, a poorly polished hairstyle. The ‘buns’ that we get when we collect our hair in a ponytail, and that can lead to despair on occasions when looking for a perfect hairstyle, could have surpassed Letizia’s styling team.

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Carelessness or stunt? The twist of Letizia’s ponytail that has gone unnoticed