Carla Bruni and her washed face selfie with blonde hair to celebrate autumn without filters

Parades, film premieres, rehearsals in the home studio broadcast on social networks … Carla bruni has taken his return to public life very seriously and his strategy is clear: natural look on the red carpet, face washed at home. Self-proclaimed as the adult Bella Hadid, the ex-model has considerably reduced her use of makeup and relies mainly on cosmetic treatments rather than color, as indicated by the unwritten commandment of the French ‘it girls’, despite the fact that Carla does not forget her Italian roots.

Carla Bruni’s last selfie, in her garden and in nature. (Instagram @carlabruni)

In its beauty regulation, there is usually no lack of eyelash extensions, a discreet trick with which he manages to awaken his gaze, multiply the volume of his natural ones and dispense with makeup. The darkness of the extensions creates the sensation of a lined eyelid, but without any cosmetic dressing. A few weeks ago, the singer confessed that she had covid and shared several photos from her bed, with a fever and a hat included. Of course, despite the typical blush of the extra tenths of temperature, it was also appreciated that her eyes remained unchanged in the face of the disease … Makeup? No, her inseparable eyelash extensions.

Very different hair

But the last string of selfies that Carla Bruni shared on Instagram did not follow the same trend as her posts as a covid patient. No trace of eyelash extensions and pointing repeatedly that she was not wearing any kind of instagram filter, the singer appeared in her garden, clad in a army green swimsuit by Re Sea -one of Tamara Falcó’s favorite brands-, accompanied by a parka and boots. Her tousled hair and clean face, as if she had just woken up, showed us a Carla like we had never seen her before.

Carla Bruni, with the Re Sea swimsuit. (Instagram @carlabruni)

Perhaps her hair, several shades lighter, was the most striking part of the aesthetics of the photographs. If there is one thing that Carla has never altered in recent years, it is her hair. Not even reaching 50 convinced the Italian to follow the trend of cut your hair over the years as up to now social conventions dictated. Carla defends her hair and matches her style. Her hair, paraded and full of layers, always looks for a relaxed air carefully combed to achieve the Parisian street style look in the style of Caroline de Maigret.

Carla Bruni, with her new coloring several shades lighter. (Instagram @carlabruni)

The usual chocolate chestnut de Carla has given way to a caramel blonde, much more oxygenated at the ends, in what appears to be a natural gradient with which to illuminate the hair. Behind this type of natural lightening is usually the idea of rejuvenate the look or camouflage possible gray hair at the hairline. The curious thing about this new coloring is that the hair so far has been healthy and hydrated tips that we had always seen in the singer gave way to straw hair with dry and open ends to which was added the optical effect of the lighter highlights.

Carla Bruni, before and after her color change. (Getty / Instagram)

The singer went to the hairdresser in mid-October and revealed a slightly shorter and above all very weathered hair on her social networks. Precisely because of this recent appointment with the hairdresser, your tips and the color of your hair should be much more cared for, indisputable proof that her hair is actually much drier than we believed. Carla attends each event with her hair perfectly styled and frizz free, which until now we believed was something natural but it is clear that it is the result of the perfectionism of the Italian.

The unfiltered face of Carla Bruni is therefore not a great discovery, since it seems to have become her new hobby, without filters or makeup but with an enviable light, Carla shoots millions of times to capture the perfect snapshot, or more exactly, the 4 or 5 in which it comes out the best. Of course, all accompanied by a natural setting in which your face blends with the colors of autumn.

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Carla Bruni and her washed face selfie with blonde hair to celebrate autumn without filters