Carlos Marín: pending his repatriation and the cause and circumstances of his death are clarified

The shock over the death of Carlos Marín has been enormous. The news has occupied prominent places in major publications from around the world. And world stars like Céline Dion or Barbra Streisand, who had worked with him, they dismissed him with great sadness, just like his fans and colleagues in the networks. The English press, the country where Il Divo was sweeping, has paid special attention to him these days, but always using the Spanish media as sources, although we remember that the singer died in a Manchester hospital and that he had a planned tour of the country.

The family has been very discreet at all times and that is why the statements made by her sister Rosa to ‘ABC’ have special value, where she has clarified all the questions regarding the cause of death, as there was a lot of speculation at first. In fact, they reported that he was vaccinated, but did not comment on the condition that had caused his death.

Let us remember that the artist, that he had been married to the singer Innocence, With whom he continued to maintain a close personal and professional relationship, he had been admitted to the hospital on December 7 suffering from serious respiratory problems.

Now Rosa has clarified that “my brother has died of covid, in its delta variant” and recalled that in 2019 he had been infected in Los Angeles with a virus that caused pneumonia.

Carlos Marín, in a file image. (EFE / Luca Piergiovanni)

As he has told, the doctors gave him the spanish star “A very strong new antibiotic, the side effects of which could crystallize the tendons in one person in a thousand or so, but my brother was ill and agreed to be treated with that antibiotic.” Rosa maintains that she was cured and that they believe that she could be infected with the first strains of coronavirus in the United States, and in her case she had the bad luck that “the tendon in both feet was critalized and had to be operated on.”

He was not fully recovered, so “they had to treat him for two more days to stabilize his blood oxygen.” His brother was vaccinated with Janssen, but it seems that they did not give him the booster, and he continued with his professional commitments. When feeling unwell in Manchester, he chose to go to the hospital: “He tried to be strong, but he had breathing difficulties. Upon arrival they did tests and determined that he was covid.”

But nevertheless, nothing could be done to save his life: “His lungs were already very compromised, so despite having received the best treatment that exists, his lungs could not overcome it.” In his last moments, a person from his family was able to be by his side, shaking his hand, “until his light went out.”

Barbra Streisand, with Il Divo. (Getty / KMazur / WireImages)

His funeral will be in the next few days, once his body is repatriated, and before that there will be a burning chapel that only close friends and friends can enter, due to the difficult sanitary circumstances that we are experiencing at this time. “It will arrive in Spain in a sealed coffin because it is covid, so it cannot be opened for the wake, but let everyone know that Carlos he will be dressed in his favorite Armani suit, that he used for the performances, so that he can go to heaven presentable to go sing with the angels now, “he said.

Rosa, in the same medium, makes a final request: “We miss him a lot and ask that, please, treat this information with the maximum possible respect. His entire family, and Geraldine – his ex-wife, whose stage name is Innocence -, we are very very grateful for all the support and displays of affection that have come to us. Carlos is a very great person and at home we are all very proud of him. ”

Your lawyer speaks

Carlos Marín’s lawyer, Alberto Martín, had already revealed some details about the terrible news yesterday. He described it as “a nightmare” in ‘It’s already noon’: “The family is devastated, as you can imagine. It happened from one day to the next, it doesn’t enter our heads”. He assures that Carlos Marín “was a man with great vitality and strength”, and stressed that “he endured a long time before going to the hospital and that was not good either. At the beginning of the month he began to have symptoms and then it was when he was hospitalized “.

Regarding his contagion, he points out that “I do not know when he could be infected, probably when they were at the Maspalomas concert in the Canary Islands”, and assures that they took all possible precautions. Regarding the medical treatment received in Manchester, in principle they have no complaints, although … “it must be analyzed when we have all the documentation, because it seems to us that there was time to control him, recover him and save his life , which was the most important thing. ”

Regarding when they will be able to fire Carlos, he states that “Rosi, Carlos’s sister who was there from the first moment, has carried out all the management in the consulate and we hope that before the weekend” or, at the latest, ” next Wednesday”.

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Carlos Marín: pending his repatriation and the cause and circumstances of his death are clarified