Carlos Ponce: “It is very difficult to hide your real colors when the cameras are constantly rolling”

“It is very difficult to hide your true colors when the cameras are constantly rolling.”.. Tells us Carlos Ponce placeholder image within hours of starting his new adventure: ‘For Love or For Money?’, the reality of Telemundo that begins this Wednesday, November 17 at 7/6 Pm Centro.

From the jungle and via zoom we talk to Ponce, who explains how this reality is totally different from what has been seen, Yes will be able to overcome the phenomenon of ‘La Casa de Los Famosos’, and his days away from the love of his life and his next competitor, his wife Karina Banda.

-This new challenge in your career is: for love or for money?

Carlos Ponce: (laughs) Well, I really don’t know, now I am very confused or for the love of money not?…. It is super interesting, there is a wonderful dynamic, There are a lot of games, but games that are very even, I will not tell you that they are easy, but where the man and the woman do not necessarily have more advantage than the other because it is taller or stronger, or taller or more agile, the games are very well chosen and those are the ones that advance them to get advantages for later, when the nominations come and all that kind of thing … Eight beautiful single women, and eight extremely handsome single women, in a heavenly place, literally an oasis because it is in the middle of the forest. It had never been seen on television, and I do not think it will be repeated unless it is with us.

-How did the 16 participants react when they arrived in that paradise?

Carlos Ponce: I am sure that it is not only here, but in a reality format. The more one has documented the real fractions on camera, the better it is, therefore the information of what type of reality show you are entering is not given to the contestants, which I confess to you, I know that it is a very big sacrifice because they are completely disconnected from the outside world, in a world where it is all digital and all the access we have, therefore they did arrive at a place that was a surprise, because this place is wonderful. It has a bungalow above the wave pools, the pool, they have natural sand in one of them, a chef who cooks some wonderful delicacies… I tell you that it is honestly enviable, yes there is a sacrifice, a great sacrifice, but that’s why they are there to find love or compete and win the grand prize of 200 thousand dollars.

-What was it that attracted you to lead a reality show again?

Carlos Ponce: I really like the format, and you can tell from my career, I almost always accept all jobs where I know there is a good atmosphere, that I am going to have fun, that I am going to have a good time, I hate monotony, I can’t stay doing the same thing, that’s why sometimes your question: “And Ponce, what is an actor or a singer or a conductor?” … I do what attracts me to the moment, and what God puts in my way because I I always say that God gives me opportunities for me to decide if I go or not, and he decides if it will go well for us or if it will not go well for us., because maybe I have a lesson that I have to learn.

'Por Amor o Por Dinero' with Carlos Ponce: Telemundo's new reality show, watch the trailer!
Carlos Ponce is the host of ‘Por Amor o Por Dinero’. Photo: Telemundo

-It’s for love and money, but many also go for fame, to be known: there are actors, there are influencers …

Carlos Ponce: Yes, of course … I also say a very important element in this is strategy and patience, but it is a very large platform, which sees digital content with equal importance, where people have access to what is happening not only in the 2 hours that we offer them air in prime time, but also to be able to watch, to be able to immerse themselves in a telenovela, because it is what it ends up being: a real life soap opera, where you know almost the protagonists from you to you, and you decide who you support, who you do not supportWho do you like, who do you like, because it is very difficult to hide your real colors when the cameras are constantly rolling, and everyone has a weak point there.

-Reality shows had a boom, then they fell, and now it’s all the rage again, do you think this could reach what ‘La Casa de los Famosos’ achieved?

Carlos Ponce: Yes, I think so … I feel like it has all the elements, that access to feel so close. Sometimes people come up to me, they tell me the name of a character that I don’t even remember what the character is, I didn’t remember the name because it was something I did 20 years ago, they happened again yesterday, for example. In this case I feel that it is the greatest attraction that reality shows have, and the fact that it is also comfortable to be at home, and at the moment of streaming and your being able to watch at your own time..

-There are eight men, eight women, do men and women expect couples, or is it indistinct, can it be a man with a man or a woman with a woman?

Carlos Ponce: In this case, from what I have been able to see, It would be a man with a woman, from what I have been able to feel from each of them… I don’t know their feelings, but this is like a man-woman competition… There is candy and salt for everyone.

-What can you tell us? Where do we have to keep an eye on?

Carlos Ponce: I think that many things will surprise us, but at the same time we have the access to realize if they are acting for the cameras or not, a very interesting dynamic because maybe they understand: “Ah, I’m going to say this because … Or I’m going to play the conflictive person because if I do this conflict ”… But those conversations are also recorded, it’s like a reality show within reality.

Carlos Ponce placeholder image
Carlos Ponce.

-What will your role be with them, apart from driving?

Carlos Ponce: I am a mediator, but it is a fairly straight leadership role, to get to explain the rules, the dynamics, this is what we are going to do, in this way … It is a new format, it has elements of the world, but it is a new format so therefore there are things that have to be adjusted along the way., because it has not really been experienced at the moment, so that part also surprises me a lot.

-You will not be isolated with the 16, but did you have to move to the Dominican Republic?

Carlos Ponce: Well not inside the oasis, I said: “But a little room, how much does it cost? I pay for it” (laughs) … I’m not inside the oasis, that’s why I’m telling you this is a host role of one person explaining the format, the rules, the dynamics, the challenges, the competitionAnd obviously, in a question and answer format, on some occasion I will have to say: this happened, but as a mediator.

-You are used to traveling, how is it every time you have to leave home for a job?

Carlos Ponce: Leaving home is always strong, it’s very probable that This is the longest time, because there is not enough free time to take the plane and return… My 4 children are now adults, I told myself that they needed me there, and I was the one who needed to come back and see him, and give me some battery recharge… We must always find a way with technology, Karina and I FaceTime and this, and that time we have, but she, thank God, knows my work and the discipline that must be had, and the time that sometimes we have to sacrifice as a couple.

Karina Banda and Carlos Ponce
Karina Banda and Carlos Ponce. Photo: Karina Banda

-Speaking of Karina, your shows are different formats, but both ‘Enamorados’ and ‘Por Amor o Por Dinero?’ They are looking for love, have advice been exchanged?

Carlos Ponce: We made an agreement very early on, and it was not for this specifically, about work at home, and I am telling you because within the same company it was very likely that I would fall into a project of the same company of hers… That did not happen, but we had talked about those things. We have it clear, she does her job and she does it wonderful, and I do my job and have funSo if we see it, we see it as that but not much else.

– Why do we have to be there on the screen looking at ‘For Love or For Money?’

Carlos Ponce: I tell you, you turn on Wednesday and from there I do not have to tell you anything else, there alone everyone is going to get hooked … Really I have a lot of faith in the project, it is wonderful, if it intrigues you, if you want more and as I told you it is like a reality show within a reality show, and a soap opera in real life, where the main element of a novel has always been in the story of Cinderella, this is also the story of Cinderella, everyone is fighting and for now the final prize, I think the public is going to enjoy it a lot.



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Carlos Ponce: “It is very difficult to hide your real colors when the cameras are constantly rolling”