Carlos Rivera mourns the death of Willy Gutiérrez and his daughter, Lisset, bids him farewell with love, revealing the entire process of his illness

During the last hours of yesterday and after in previous days he asked for blood and platelet donors for his father on social networks, Lisset announced the unfortunate death of her father, Willi Gutiérrez. He is remembered by all for having been one of the most beloved teachers of La Academia, TV Azteca’s singing reality show., in which the famous Mexican singer was crowned as the great winner, in one of his seasons Charles Rivera, according to Mezcalent.

It should be remembered that the musician was part of the teaching staff of La Academia for several generations, that is why Carlos Rivera decided to use his Instagram Stories to dedicate a brief but heartfelt tribute to whoever was his teacher in the third stage of the contest and of which he was the winner.

Rest in peace our beloved teacher Willi Gutiérrez. We will always remember him with much love for everything he taught all his students at La Academia. My hug with all my heart to LissetCharles wrote.

In the publication in which she announced her father’s departure, the singer and actress spoke for the first time about the health problem she was facing and revealed that it was lymphatic cancer that ended up getting complicated and she took it on the same day as her birthday.

On her Instagram account, the teacher’s daughter wrote these words to fire him:

“With a very deep pain I share with you that the greatest love, my adoration, my teacher, my mentor, my sensei, my guide, my daddy the most loving, last night, the very day of his birthday transpired to another plane, leaving in his wake a great legacy, of teaching, and above all of a lot of love”.

The singer and actress exposed the fight that her father lived against the disease that took his life on his birthday: “76 years of deeply loving music and being the best human being that God could send me, the best dad, the best husband, the best son, the best brother, the best friend. and without a doubt the best teacher. He lived a life full of love, full of God. A life that was worth, is worth and will be worth remembering. He fought lymphatic cancer, our titan. And he fought until the end, after operations, radiographs, chemo, pulmonary thrombosis and two pneumonias, they intubated him, put him on hemodialysis, performed a tracheostomy after extubating him and he kept fighting.

Lisset has been totally honest with her father’s situation, because she assures that both the public and the press were always there supporting her, which is why she has made this entire process public. “That was our titan. God did not want him to suffer and he did not suffer. He did not find out about everything that his little body received, because he also had three catheters. I share them with you because all of you and my friends in the media have always loved us very much. And when we need blood we have all your unconditional support and we are very grateful to the whole family for that.”

“They were aware of the health of my beloved daddy. And here I let you know what exactly happened and my absence for so long, because I dedicated myself in body and soul to be with my family, in the hospital, in my recording call @mifortunaesamarte and to top it off I came out positive for COVID, I’m on my way out, thank God.”

He concludes his narrative with thanks to everyone. “Thank you all for your messages. Thanks @nicandrodiazof Y @antonioarvizuv for giving me your friendship, and your support at this time. Thank you all for your love, for your support. Thanks to all our friends in the middle and not in the middle. To all the media for their respect towards me and towards my family in these sensitive moments. He will always be the great Willy Gutierrez.”

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Carlos Rivera mourns the death of Willy Gutiérrez and his daughter, Lisset, bids him farewell with love, revealing the entire process of his illness