Carlota Grimaldi and her daughter Antoinette: the princesses of Monaco who made Grace Kelly’s life and marriage bitter

“My mother-in-law shows an attitude towards me that does not help to relax the atmosphere,” she said.
Grace kelly on one occasion summarizing how the relationship was that the princess
Carlota Grimaldi, mother of
Rainier of Monaco, and
duchess of valentinois (and incidentally his daughter, the princess
Antoinette Grimaldi), dispensed with him from the moment the Hollywood star packed his 80 suitcases to leave in 1956 for Monaco. As if the story of
Princess Charlène with his sisters-in-law
Carolina of Monaco and the
princess stephanie was a carbon copy of what happened to
Grace kelly In the twentieth century, on that occasion the Grimaldi women were not benevolent with the newcomer to the family, that stranger to their genealogical tree on which, in addition, it depended that the Principality continued to be independent.

How Grace Kelly was getting along with her mother-in-law and sister-in-law

Carlota Grimaldi She came into the world she had neither the right to be a princess nor to bear the surname of the heirs of the principality. Illegitimate daughter of the prince
Louis II of Monaco and a cabaret singer named
Marie Juliette, Carlota did not rise up the social ladder by becoming
lady of valentinois until she was 13 years old, at which point her father already suspected that the girl was going to be the only offspring she was going to have in her life.

Little Carlota with her father, Luis /


By the time Carlota was 20 years old, her father decided to formally adopt her, transform her from a lady to a duchess and give her, this time forever,
the surname Grimaldi. It was the year 1919 and a year later her newly released official father married the young woman to a French nobleman,
Pierre de Polignac. The objective of the Prince of Monaco was that the heirs that he could not beget were legitimately held by his secret daughter.

Carlota fulfilled her mission: despite living an ephemeral marriage (it is rumored that her husband was the lover of
Marcel proust) manages to give birth to two children before demanding a divorce in 1933.
Antoinette Grimaldi was the first to arrive in the world,
Rainier the second. After the signing of the divorce, both were left in charge of their grandfather while his father was declared persona non grata in Monaco and his mother decided to leave them behind to live her life in France.

Portrait of Princess Charlotte Grimaldi, mother of Antoinette and Rainier and terrible mother-in-law of Grace Kelly. /


Princess Charlotte He still did one last service to the principality by renouncing his options to the throne for the benefit of his son when he turned 21. It was the last thing he did for him, the rest of his life he chose to dedicate to social work, the rehabilitation of prisoners, the French villa in which he retired and his mistress
René girier, a famous jewel thief.

The “services to the crown” of
Antoinette Grimaldi they were even more dubious. His origin was always in question: his mother married pregnant and everyone suspected that it was from her lover and not from her fiancé. The abandonment of her parents, her mother giving up the throne to her brother and her grandfather expecting nothing from her except a good wedding made her
princess antoinette develop a peculiar personality that shone in all its splendor when he coveted the throne of The Rock. She tried to reach him by every means at her disposal, even if it meant overthrowing her only brother. But his plans were jettisoned when Rainier unexpectedly married
Grace kelly.

Grace Kelly and Rainier in Monaco /


When at 26 years old
Grace kelly paid two million dollars in dowry and underwent fertility tests in order to marry
Rainier She innocently thought that the hardest part was over … but she was wrong. For her, Rainier was the knight in shining armor who was going to rescue her from the unhappy romances and the papier-mâché life of Hollywood, but what she found in Monaco was the largest movie set in the world in which she was doomed to play. her role day after day as she endured backstage attacks from a sister-in-law who envied her position and a mother-in-law who showed more interest in palace dogs than her own children.


Grace Kelly, this was her relationship with her children

Those who could see the interactions
Grimaldi-Grace Kelly at that time they affirm that calling the treatment that Carlota Grimaldi gave to the wife of his only son cold is an understatement. Suffice it as an example that Rainier’s mother never left a single jewel to her daughter-in-law, she preferred to bequeath them in full and posthumously to her granddaughter,
Carolina of Monaco. For Rainier’s mother, his wife made the terrible mistake of getting along with her ex-husband, and that was something she could not forgive.

The biographer
Wendy leigh, author of True Grace, states that in the months before and after her wedding to Rainier ”
Grace was humiliated and extremely unhappy«And that she lived surrounded by the decadence and the worst contacts of Rainier … among which was her own family. Perhaps that is why it is not strange that when decades later he coincided with a very young
Diana of Wales 19-year-old who told her how lonely she felt among the Windsors, Grace Kelly answered without blinking: “Don’t worry my dear, it will only get worse.”

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Carlota Grimaldi and her daughter Antoinette: the princesses of Monaco who made Grace Kelly’s life and marriage bitter