Carmen Barbieri revealed how she took revenge on Santiago Bal when she learned of his infidelity

Carmen Barbieri told what was the millionaire revenge to Santiago Bal when he was unfaithful

Back in 2011, Carmen Barbieri announced his separation from Santiago Ball in the midst of a scandal and after 26 years as a couple. “We are definitely separated. I give you the scoop ”, she said at that moment in intruders looking very serious, wearing dark glasses and covered in fur.

“There is no way back? asked the then driver Jorge Rial. “Definitely”, repeated the blunt capocómica. “You congratulated him because a 20-year-old woman noticed him,” said the journalist, clearly alluding to Ayelen Paleo, designated as the third in discord. But the actress did not want to continue talking about it. “I can’t comment on that because I don’t know how the story went. That would have to be discussed by Santiago and the young lady. I think I’m not the first to be cuckolded “expressed in reference to the father of Frederickhis only son.

The truth is that, more than ten years after the breakup, this Tuesday Carmen remembered the act of revenge she did against her ex, after learning of the infidelity. It all started when her panelist, Stephanie Berardihe was talking about the expensive bag he acquired Wanda Naraamid rumors of a crisis with Mauro Icardi. And that information gave rise to the driver recounting a personal experience.

“When I separated, I wanted to burst Santiago’s card so that it would hurt him when he had to pay it”began by recounting very morning, the cycle that drives in Ciudad Magazine. And then he stated: “I bought 4 Luis Vuitton handbags and two Omega watches, with diamonds and everything… with the American Express that I had, but that was not the owner”. “How much did you spend at that time?” they asked him. To which she replied: “I don’t remember, at that time it was about 20 thousand dollars, but it was two pesos to the dollar”. And he closed: “You still had to pay for it. She called me and told me; ´Look, they are going to take my card if you don´t pay it´. But I told him: ‘I’m not going to pay it, you left home, you pay it’”.

Carmen Barbieri and Santiago Bal, after the separation (Verónica Guerman/Teleshow)
Carmen Barbieri and Santiago Bal, after the separation (Verónica Guerman/Teleshow)

In July, the former vedette had been invited to the legendary program of America, where revived that separation It was on the front page of all the media. “My mother was a very wise woman. She said that infidelity is forgiven when there is love, if there is a well-established family, if there is a couple who are partners in everything, you have to forget, “said the actress at the time. However, at the time she had to overcome a situation that took her by surprise.

I never thought he was going to leave home”, admitted the former participant of Master Chef Celebrity, who told how he realized that his then partner had left. “I was hospitalized because I had an attack, 29 pressure. When I came back, he was gone and he had taken the computer, just in case there weren’t more things… and there were more things”; Carmen recalled. There she revealed that memories of her infidelity with the young woman that she did not mention in the interview continue to appear. The reference, of course, was to Paleo, one of the dancers from bravethe play directed by Bal and starring Barbieri.

The surprise was found in a painting that was in the middle of the boxes that Carmen gave Federico with memories of his father. “The box opens and the glass breaks. She blows up a photo and it falls to the floor. And who was it? The girl, I’m not going to name her… and naked”, expressed the former Dancing for a Dreamwho finished off the anecdote with his usual sense of humor. “Che, what a body that girl has. She was right to let me…”.


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Carmen Barbieri revealed how she took revenge on Santiago Bal when she learned of his infidelity