Carmen Salinas is not brain dead, but the stroke she suffered is “inoperable”

On the morning of November 12, the family of Carmen Salinas gave the new medical report on the actress’s health, continues in intensive care “in a serious but stable coma”However, your vital organs function naturally.

In addition, Carmen Plascencia, granddaughter of the Mexican star, explained in which part of the brain the cerebral hemorrhage occurred that keeps her grandmother in a coma.

What does Carmen Salinas have?

Carmen Plascencia explained that the actress has been evaluated by various doctors and three neurologists agree that her case is complicated.

“It does not move, has the fan that helps her breathe, which is one of the functions it does the stem, which is one of the parts that was damaged“, he commented in an interview with ‘Come joy’.

“My grandmother today has vital functions that continue to be maintained by her, my grandmother is in a severe coma but is alive“, he added in statements to ‘The sun is out.’

For his part, Gustavo Briones, nephew and right hand of Carmen Salinas, explained that your aunt’s situation is “inoperable” and denied that he was brain dead. What’s more, He clarified that he does have assisted respiration, but is not intubated.

“It’s not true, I don’t know who said that. She has a respirator, she can breathe, but she has it for assistance, but intubated is not“, he assured the Hoy program.

It is expected that with the results of the tomography, the doctors will have a new assessment of their health, which they will share in the course of this November 12.

The original phrases and authentic responses of Carmen Salinas

Carmen Salinas will not be transferred to another hospital

The actress’s granddaughter assured that her grandmother is well cared for and would also be at risk if she was transferred to another hospital in Mexico or even the United States.

No, you have to trust our doctors, the Mexican doctors are great, why go and move it like that is catastrophic, my granny can’t move and the attention they have given us here has been very kind, very human, we are very grateful, “he said to the program ‘Come joy’.

The family does not lose faith

Gustavo Briones and Carmen Plascencia are the only authorized persons who can enter the actress’s room, after going through a sanitary protocol.

Salinas’ nephew shared that he has not stopped talking to her and hopes that his aunt will listen to him, he even believes that she had a mild reaction in one of his talks. “Hearing is the strongest we have and she always had splendid hearing, I was telling her all the signs of affection, I told her that Mr. Juan Osorio had come, many friends who have spoken to her and I felt that he moved his little beard a little“, he counted in Hoy.

He added that the family is pending, but not everyone can travel to Mexico City, like one of his sisters who is delicate due to the cancer she suffers.

Close friends from the middle of the show, such as the producer Juan Osorio, the actress Ana de la Reguera, among others, have communicated with Gustavo to show their support: “Juan Osorio came and we were talking for a long time, he told us to count on him to everything, “he told the press.

Carmen Salinas did not talk about death or her health

No not at all, being with my grandmother was listen to their anecdotes, to see her live happily, to share with her if she appeared on TV, to see how she acted, it was to be with her, no
we talked about these things“, explained Carmen Plascencia to ‘Come joy’.

“I tell you that my grandmother continues to be a tireless, unique, good, and beautiful exemplary woman and I ask you to keep praying, what she would want is that they continue to show the affection they had for her because she had the same affection for them, “he said.

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Carmen Salinas is not brain dead, but the stroke she suffered is “inoperable”