Carmen Salinas, only a miracle could save her, doctors fear that she will not wake up

Carmen Salinas placeholder image, only a miracle could save her, doctors fear that she will not wake up. While followers and friends of Carmelita Salinas they celebrated a mass to ask God for their recovery, a godson of the actress makes strong and sad statements

It has been little more than a day since the dear Corkscrew, Carmen Salinas, suffered a stroke when arriving home after a day of calling in the soap opera “My fortune is to love you”. The actress was found passed out and rushed to a hospital where she was declared in a coma and supported to breathe although her organs were working properly.

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Although the doctors indicated that the next 72 hours would be crucial, a few hours ago the godson of Carmen Salinas placeholder imageJorge Nieto, made statements different from those of the daughter and nephew of the actress, pointing out that the lead actress had suffered irreversible damage and that this had been confirmed by three different neurologists.

In an interview with the prestigious journalist Azucena Uresti, the godson of Carmen Salinas revealed that the stroke was caused by the hypertension he had suffered from for years and that there was no exact date for a recovery so only a miracle could make a difference.

“The specialists have told us that he will no longer wake up. It is inoperable, where it was the affectation, it is not possible to operate … What they are telling us is that he will not wake up, but we are a miracle, everything could happen”, Jorge Nieto declared.

Godson of Carmen Salinas placeholder image He assured that three specialists had analyzed the case of Carmelita Salinas and that all had agreed on the diagnosis, a series of irreversible damages where the most important function such as awareness was damaged.

The latest message from Carmen Salinas on social networks causes doubts

In the last hours it also transpired that although Carmelita Salinas She did not usually talk about her departure to the afterlife, she wished that when she left her remains would rest with those of her beloved son Pedrito in the Spanish Pantheon.

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Precisely last November 7 Carmelita Salinas He remembered his son with an emotional message, as it would have been his birthday:

“With the son of my life, Pedrito Ernesto Plascencia Salinas, the heart of my life, who would turn 7 November today. I could only give him prayers and a candle, but my love and my prayers are with you,” the actress wrote in an image where they appeared together.

For now, it only remains to wait for the new medical reports, hoping for the best, since the function of the organs of Carmen Salinas placeholder image he is still normal, as shown by the probe that has been placed, he has also maintained his oxygenation levels.

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Carmen Salinas, only a miracle could save her, doctors fear that she will not wake up