Carmen Salinas: The actress’s state of health takes an unexpected turn after undergoing two medical interventions

Carmen Salinas has been admitted to a hospital in Mexico City for almost two weeks after suffering a brain hemorrhage, which left the actress in a natural coma.

On Tuesday, November 23, Carmelita’s granddaughter assured that her grandmother would undergo two surgical procedures, a tracheostomy and a gastrostomy, to clean the phlegm that the actress has and help make her feeding process easier.

“It remains stable, which can be taken with reserve as a positive. And we are going to start with the processes that follow. The tracheostomy that is done tomorrow and the gastrostomy, which are the processes that patients in this state follow these days of being intubated, of being in this condition, ”said Carmen Plascencia, the actress’s granddaughter.

The doctors treating the iconic artist’s case hope that this new part of her treatment will generate some kind of evolution in her state of health and help her total recovery.

This Wednesday the 24th, the 82-year-old actress underwent both medical interventions successfully and, according to her relatives, the process went “without any complications.”

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“Today, the leading actress Carmen Salinas underwent a successful tracheostomy and gastrostomy. The surgical intervention was carried out without any complications, and she is stable, within the seriousness that her condition implies, ”it was reported through a statement released on the artist’s social networks.

These surgical interventions were also performed by Carmelita’s doctors to avoid some type of collateral damage due to the state in which the renowned actress is currently.

“Finally, intubation hurts the vocal cords, the lips, so it is much easier, for example, she is at risk of infections. In other words, my grandmother’s very strong current risk is infections, which can be terrible. So with the tracheostomy it is much easier, for example, to clean phlegm, make connections without hurting the part of his throat, his lips, his mouth ”, commented his granddaughter.

The tracheostomy is an intervention that consists of an opening in the neck at the level of the trachea and is performed so that the person can breathe more easily through this hole.

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For its part, gastrostomy allows a tube to be inserted into the person’s abdomen, which facilitates feeding since the food is introduced directly into the stomach.

After these successful surgical procedures, the outlook on the health of the legendary 82-year-old artist could be encouraging, since many of the movements that Carmen Salinas performs are no longer involuntary and the cerebral hemorrhage has decreased considerably over the days. .

“When the doctors move something to her, there begin to be movements that are already reflections of her, she could already have a little more proposal on her part. Yes, there was a CT scan and the CT scan is done to medically have the data and have everything. If there is already a decrease ”, informed Carmen Plascencia.

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Added to the update on Carmen Salinas’ health, her granddaughter also appreciated the constant displays of affection she has received from other celebrities, the media and followers.

“We always have great gratitude towards all the artists, those who have worked with her, with you reporters, it is a privilege to be here reaping the affection that my grandmother has sown during a 68-year career and to show that she is an artist with a unique talent and with a huge heart ”, he concluded.

Despite being ahead of both surgeries and presenting favorable advances in her state of health, a few days ago the relatives of the iconic Mexican actress reported that in case of regaining consciousness, Carmen Salinas could not have work activity in the short term.

“In the event that he regained consciousness, he would have to undergo a rehabilitation that would not allow him to have a short-term work activity,” the family communicated through social networks.

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Carmen Salinas: The actress’s state of health takes an unexpected turn after undergoing two medical interventions