Carmen Salinas: the losses of her life, the death of her son Pedro Plascencia, the strongest

The actress and producer Carmen Salinas placeholder image, who is hospitalized after have a stroke, has had great moments in his almost 60 years of artistic career, but he has also faced some tragedies full of difficult and sad moments in your personal life, of which he has been able to get ahead.

Definitely, the strongest blow Carmen Salinas has faced has been the death of her son Pedro Plascencia Salinas, who died on April 19, 1994, lung cancer victim.

Salinas is one of the Mexican artists most loved by the public, who now turns to prayers for her speedy recovery, after having suffered a stroke, which has her in coma, from Thursday, November 11.

The 82-year-old actress has gained fame and the affection of the people throughout almost 60 years of artistic career, where she has acted in soap operas, movies, and stage productions, including the comedy genre.

The pain for his son Pedro Plascencia

And it is that without a doubt Carmelita Salinas, as they affectionately call her, both the public and her colleagues, you have faced difficult times in your life. The strongest without a doubt was the death of his son Pedro Plascencia Salinas, who died at the age of 37, a victim of lung cancer.

Salinas has always shown great love for her family, and a devastating blow caused her to retire from the stage in 1993, when her eldest son “Pedrito”, as she called him, was diagnosed with terminal lung cancer.

For Carmen Salinas, the most important thing at that time was taking care of her son Pedro, so she decided to put her artistic career aside, to give herself fully to her first-born.

Pedro Plascencia died of lung cancer

On a video that Carmen Salinas shared on her YouTube channel, commemorated the 26th anniversary of her son’s death. She recalled that her son suffered from stomach upset, specifically heartburn, for which the actress recommended that she go to the doctor.

Over time, these discomforts worsened and others appeared. It was about severe pain in his back and chest, which began to complicate with a strong cough, which hurt his throat and lungs.

So Pedro Plascencia, at the insistence of his mother, went to the doctor, who ordered him to do some studies. At first they thought it was a virus contracted on their trip to Alaska, but the result was devastating for the Salinas family.

The doctor gave him the worst news he could hear. Pedro was diagnosed with lung cancer, news that fell like a bomb to Carmen Salinas, who upon hearing the results could not take it anymore and fainted, as she recounts in the video she shared on her YouTube channel.

“Ma’am, I don’t have very good news for you. He is invaded by cancer, ”Salinas said through tears as he recalled those difficult moments that he went through due to the deteriorating health of his son.

I gave a cry that was heard I believe in the whole world and I fell in a faint. I got really sick. His wife got really bad too“The lead actress recalled between sobs and pauses.

Cancer has taken away several family members

And it is that cancer took her parents away years ago, so the diagnosis of her son was devastating for her, who resorted to everything that was in her hands to save the life of “Pedrito”. At that time he said that he put his career aside, since he did not have the courage to work.

But seven months after the diagnosis, on April 14, 1994, her son Pedro died, which left a great hole in the life of Carmen Salinas.

“Today is April 19, for me it is a very sad day. I had a little son on November 7, 1956 and I married Pedro Plascencia Ramírez in that year on January 5. We had a beautiful son Pedro Ernesto Plascencia Salinas ”, commented the also producer, in a video that she shared in 2020.

After the death of his son, Salinas decided to return to the stage, to give himself to his audience, without stopping to think for a single day about his son Pedro Plascencia.

Her pain as a mother

But it was not the only tragedy that Carmen Salinas faced as a mother. The actress recalled that after Pedro was born he had four miscarriages, one of them was the most painful, since she was seven months pregnant and she was able to hold him in her arms. Then he was able to conceive his daughter María Eugenia.

The actress who has participated in various soap operas, also lost her husband Pedro Plascencia Ramírez to cancer in 2016.

His brother Sergio Salinas Lozano also lost the battle against cancer in March of this year. She remembered him through a photograph she shared on her Instagram account.

Another of the blows that actress Carmen Salinas had to face was the death of her friend “Chato” Cejudo, who lost the battle against liver cancer.

Her dear friend died on April 19, 2012. The actress received the news after attending mass for the 18th anniversary of the death of her son Pedro Plascencia, so it is done and has been marked for the Mexican artist.

The death of his brothers

Last year, on November 12, Jorge Salinas Dávila, another brother of the actress and his sister-in-law, died as a result of complications from COVID-19.

Carmen Salinas also recalled the death of her great-grandson in a hospital in Mexico. The actress accused the clinic where her granddaughter Paulina Plascencia was treated of medical negligence.

Now the actress is fighting for her life in a hospital in Mexico City after suffering a stroke. Her relatives emphasize that her condition is delicate and ask the actress’s fans to pray for her speedy recovery.

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Carmen Salinas: the losses of her life, the death of her son Pedro Plascencia, the strongest