Carmen Salinas: who are the children of the Mexican actress?

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Carmen Salinas (Left) Carmen Salinas and her children María Eugenia and Pedro Plascencia (Right)

In these moments when all Mexico regrets the departure of the famous actress Carmen Salinas placeholder image, many aspects of his professional and family life are the subject of evocation in the media. Salinas passed away on December 9, 2021, at the age of 82.

Six decades of artistic career, in which the world of telenovelas had its brilliant performances, made this woman an icon of the Mexican and Latin American spectacle. Carmelita, despite her great family tragedies, always inspired her to lead a full, peaceful life, and of efforts to achieve her goals. She always showed that protective side of mother and grandmother and never stopped showing the great love she had for her loved ones.

Today that this pillar of woman and professional is no longer, we bring up her facet as a mother.

After marrying the musician Pedro Plascencia Ramírez at the age of 16, in 1956, she wanted to debut as a mother, but because she was very young, her womb could not conceive, suffering five abortions that did not reach more than three months. “I cried a lot,” he said in an interview in 2011 on the Canal de Las Estrellas.

One of the losses that caused her most sadness was that of a 7-month-old baby who was born prematurely and who died minutes later in her arms.

“My seven-month-old baby died, here I had him in my hands alive, in my house. I cut his umbilical cord and said ‘bring me hot water bottles’, but what I didn’t know was that I had to remove the phlegm and I saw him die. When my husband arrived and saw me carrying my dead baby, he took him from my hands, we watched him and the next day he buried him in the pantheon of Dolores ”, he told Telemundo.

Some time later, the mother was able to carry two pregnancies to a happy end, and received her eldest son Pedro Ernesto and her daughter María Eugenia in her hands.

‘Pedrito’ as he was affectionately called, worked like his father as a musician and pianist. He took on the role of head of the household when his father separated from his mother and practically abandoned them.

He was Carmelita’s right hand man, but unfortunately he left this world at 37 years old as a result of lung cancer that invaded his entire body in less than seven months, ceasing to exist in 1994.

“They gave me the news that he was very ill and after seven months he left me. I remember when my son Pedro told me that he could not bear the pain, so he wanted to stop living, “said Carmen Salinas.

His death devastated Carmen, who gave up being a comedian. “When he died, I could no longer do the imitations that I buried together with him. I would start to do an imitation and a lump would get in my throat, my voice would no longer come out and I would start crying. I didn’t want to do them anymore! ”.

María Eugenia Plascencia, daughter of Carmen Salinas

María Eugenia, known as “La Nena”, came to the world on November 14, 1960. On January 15, 1988, she married José Manuel Monge, with whom she had four children, Viviana, Marisol, Monse and José Manuel.

She is not a public figure and therefore little is known about how her life passes. The only thing that is known is that she is responsible for Carmen Salinas’ restaurant, the “Casita de las Sopas”.

Among the few details of her personal life, it is known that she owes her name to that of an aunt, Carmen’s sister who was also called María Eugenia. From Carmelita’s mouth, it was learned through the show business that when she divorced Pedro, his family threatened to take the girl from her. Maria by then was 40 days old.

“The girl is güerita like us. You are going to leave, but you are not going to take the girl. And do you know what I did to get them to let me go out with my girl? ‘ I cut my veins. For a son life. But never stop seeing it, or allow your little creature to be taken away from you ” Carmen said.

Carmen Salinas explained that her husband’s family wanted to take their daughter from her, so she did everything possible so that they would not take her away. “I was taking my little girl, 40 days old, and Pedrito, who was five years old. I arrived at the house of the mother of the father of my children. They wanted to take my daughter away from me. I was beaten by a sister and a brother of Pedro. She slapped me and I had 40 days after giving birth to my daughter. “

Who are the grandchildren of Carmen Salinas?

Carmen Salinas had seven grandchildren in total. On the part of her son Pedro Plascencia with Lucía Suárez, the actress had her granddaughters Carmen and Paulina Plascencia Suárez. Paulina in turn had a daughter named Elena, this being Carmelita’s first great-granddaughter. In addition, the Mexican musician, pianist and arranger had another daughter named Carmen.

For her part, María Eugenia had four children, Viviana, Manuel, Montserrat and Marisol Monje Plascencia.
Manuel Monge, follows in the acting footsteps of his grandmother. He has played small roles in movies and soap operas. Marisol Monge Plascencia, who is also in the middle, is immersed in the productions carried out by her late grandmother.

Carmelita’s third granddaughter, also the daughter of María Eugenia, is Viviana Eugenia Monge Plascencia.

Who are the heirs to the Carmen Salinas fortune?

In accordance with From 10Much earlier, Carmen Salinas herself drew up her will and made known who are the people who will be able to access her assets.

For this reason, it is necessary to remember that three months ago in the program “Hoy”, Carmen Salinas reported that she had already prepared her will in order to avoid problems among her family members.

In this sense, he announced that what will be distributed will be the study that will remain in the hands of the daughters of his first-born Pedro Plascencia Salinas, who died of cancer in 1994. Likewise, his home was given to his daughter María Eugenia Plascencia.

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Carmen Salinas: who are the children of the Mexican actress?