Carmen Salinas: why the Mexican actress’s will has not yet been read

What happened to the will of ? The Mexican actress passed away at the age of 82 on December 9, after suffering a brain hemorrhage that left her in a coma. His departure left a deep pain not only in Mexico, but also internationally, since his work crossed borders in the region. The interpreter’s family has been in charge of paying tributes to the artist and, therefore, they also detailed what happened to the will.

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Before your Health will get worse, commented in several interviews with different local media that he had left everything ready in case the inevitable happened. One of these important issues was what should be done with her fortune when she is gone.

While at work he did leave everything ready, with the exception of the telenovela “”, Who still kept his recordings. At the november mass in memory of the celebrity, Gustavo Brinoes, his nephew, said that his aunt left everything ready.

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Unfinished no, only the novel, the others finished. There is a date for Eugenio Derbez’s film, I cannot say it, he is the one who has to say it and there are two more films: one that he filmed in Cochabamba, Bolivia and one that he has canned called ‘Los Cuatro Maras’ , those are the three film projects that he left “, was his statement collected in People in spanish.

Carmen Salinas in a photograph for her social networks. (Photo: Carmen Salinas / Instagram)
Carmen Salinas in a photograph for her social networks. (Photo: Carmen Salinas / Instagram)


The testament of Carmen Salinas It has not yet been read by express decision of her family, who first want to honor the memory of the Mexican actress before reviewing the issues related to the fortune left by the artist. So indicated Maria Eugenia Plascencia, his daughter.

“Yes, he left a will, that will be seen later.”, She explained when she was consulted by the press at the exit of the novena. And he added that the topic “It will be seen in time, now there is no rush, really”.

“I have not thought about any of that because first for me it is respect for my mother with her novenario and with all this because it is horrible to be thinking about those things from the beginning”explained Plasencia according to the aforementioned medium.


Carmen Salinas placeholder image She has never spoken openly about the time of her death as this issue is very sensitive to her. However, he has said what his last will is.

According to Jorge Nieto, journalist and close friend of the Mexican actress, Carmen Salinas’ last wish is for her remains to rest next to those of his son Pedro Plascencia.

“She never spoke of her last will, she did not speak of death. She has always wanted to rest next to her son Pedro Plascencia in the Spanish Pantheon “, He said Jorge Nieto in an interview with Azucena Uresti.

Carmen Salinas in a video where she showed what her house was like. (Photo: Carmen Salinas YouTube channel)
Carmen Salinas in a video where she showed what her house was like. (Photo: Carmen Salinas YouTube channel)


Born in Torreón (Coahuila), on October 5, 1933, Carmen Salinas Lozano is a Mexican actress who has also dedicated herself to politics and business despite only having finished elementary school.

Throughout her life, Salinas has done film and theater, although in recent decades she is mainly known for her work on television. He has participated in soap operas such as “Maria from the neighborhood”,“ María Mercedes ”, among many other productions.

Likewise, his time in fictional films such as “Beauties of the night”, Where she played ‘Corcholata’, a character with whom she has always been related. As for the boards, he produced for more than 15 years “Adventuress”.

In 2015, Salinas was elected federal deputy by the PRI, with representation in Mexico City.


A few hours after it was confirmed that he had been in the hospital since Wednesday night, the same family of the also politician explained that Salinas is in a coma and that his condition is serious.

In conversation with the Televisa program “Hoy”, Carmen Plascencia, one of her granddaughters, confirmed that she suffered “a stroke in the stem part“And that at the moment he is with”assisted breathing”.

According to her account, Carmen Salinas collapsed around 10:00 pm on Wednesday, November 10, in the bathroom of her home, shortly after having dinner and watching her soap opera in the company of her nephew.

He began to feel bad from one moment to the next. The diagnosis is delicate”He added.

For his part, Briones told “Sale el Sol”, from Imagen Televisión, that on the same Wednesday he had been recording his most recent work, “My fortune is loving you.”

She is very delicate, she is serious. We are waiting for the doctors to tell us what to do next. He’s not in an induced coma, he’s in a natural coma. His organs are perfectly fine, the doctor told us that they are perfect and he responds to everything, it’s just the coma“, large.

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What happened to Carmen Salinas? The 82-year-old Mexican actress is one of the most important in her country, with a career that exceeds six decades, both in film and television. The artist is now in a delicate state of health. According to the first reports, communicated by his relatives, he would be in a coma and on an artificial respirator.

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Carmen Salinas: why the Mexican actress’s will has not yet been read