Carmen Salinas will be replaced in ‘My fortune is loving you’: the production revealed the actress

Since 1964, Carmen Salinas develops as an actress in front of the cameras. His constant presence on television and theater has allowed him to amass an acting career of more than 50 years.

At 82 years old, Doña Carmen continued to have a great presence on the small screen. His most recent role was that of Doña Margarita Domínguez Negrete, better known as Magos, in Nicandro Días’ telenovela ‘My fortune is loving you’.

However, after being hospitalized on November 11, 2021 for a cerebral haemorrhage, the question arose about what would happen with his participation in this soap opera.

“Her face is calm”: Carmen Salinas’s family speaks after the diagnosis of cerebral hemorrhage

Carmen Salinas will be temporarily substituted in ‘My fortune is loving you’

On November 19, 2021, Doña Carmen’s family shared an official announcement where they explained that “on the instructions of the doctors”, in the event that Carmen Salinas regained consciousness, she will not be allowed to have “short-term work activity” .

This new information caused the production of ‘My fortune is loving you’, which currently airs from Monday to Friday on the Las Estrellas channel from November 8, 2021, to make the decision to temporarily replace your role.

The actress Maria Rojo was chosen to replace Carmen Salinas in this telenovela, as revealed in an official statement.

“The production of Mi Fortuna Es Amarte reported today [19 de noviembre] that the first actress María Rojo will temporarily replace Mrs. Carmen Salinas, to give continuity to the character of Margarita Domínguez Negrete, Magos. This every time that the production is on the air and that it requires to continue advancing in its recordings “

The statement also states that the producer Nicandro Díaz and the entire production of this melodrama expect “the speedy recovery of Mrs. Carmen Salinas and is keeping an eye on her evolution and close to the actress’s family.”

Like the production of ‘My fortune is loving you’, many more famous are kept with the hope that Carmen Salinas will soon recover. Several of them have joined in prayer, shared their best wishes for the lead actress and remembered as the presence of Doña Carmen marked them.

Mayrín Villanueva, Juan Osorio and more famous people send emotional messages to Carmen Salinas

“I have not wanted to think of a plan b because I want to stretch the league as much as possible to wait for it,” he commented for the Hoy program, on November 12. Likewise, in an interview with Javier Poza for Grupo Fórmula, the producer warned: “Out of respect for her, I’m not going to move anything until she recovers.”

However, the update of the health status of Carmen Salinas led the production to make this decision.

María Rojo and Nicandro Díaz worked together in the past

María Rojo, 78, has a long career as an actress that exceeds 50 years in the entertainment industry. The Mexico City native has credits in film, television and theater.

What’s more He has participated in several Nicandro Díaz productions like ‘Hasta el fin del mundo’, where she gave life to Lupita Sánchez, and ‘Mañana es para siempre’, in which she played Soledad Cruz.

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Carmen Salinas will be replaced in ‘My fortune is loving you’: the production revealed the actress