Carmen Villalobos’ confession about her body: “I like it because I look more plump”

Carmen Villalobos. Photo: Instagram @cvillaloboss

If there is an actress who dazzles with her beauty and talent in Colombia, that is Carmen Villalobos. The Barranquillera not only draws attention for her ability to interpret on the small screen, but also for her figure, which many consider to be slender.

After the long days of recording the telenovela ‘Café, con aroma de mujer’, Villalobos enjoyed a short break with her husband, the also actor Sebastián Caicedo; In fact, on her Instagram profile she shared with her more than 17 million followers a photo in a bikini in the middle of a beach in Cancun, Mexico.

“Wonderful days of love, recharge, rest and much gratitude! We had a super delicious time “, wrote the Barranquilla along with the image that generated many positive reactions for her body, there was even a couple that highlighted an increase in weight in the artist with respect to her appearances in ‘Café’ and in ‘El final del Paraíso’, which filming was completed in 2019.

Regarding this, the actress recently mentioned that for several months she has not stepped on a scale to verify how much she has gained weight; Despite that, he confessed in Instagram stories that he feels there is no problem.

“(…) Unfortunately it is not a weight that you say: ‘Oh, how I gained muscle mass!’ No, it is pure fat. But I still like it because I look in the mirror and I look plumper and I say: ‘How cute!’ “Villalobos told his fans.

It is worth mentioning that, previously, the Barranquilla had confessed that she had not eaten meat for a long time, she even said that she had become a vegetarian. In dialogue with the magazine ‘People’, the actress confessed that it is a difficult job, especially when she has spent a large part of her life consuming articles made with animals.

“I have to confess that for a year I haven’t eaten chicken, that was the first thing I stopped; The second thing I want to give up is meat… I have a hard time, I eat it very occasionally and I still eat fish but (…) dairy products and all those derived from milk, I have not eaten again ”, he detailed for that medium, also indicating that he was doing all this to avoid the suffering of animals that are slaughtered for the benefit of human beings.

“I don’t want more suffering, I don’t want more pain”, Carmen Villalobos expressed to the renowned portal. In contrast, in August he was the target of criticism for posing on Instagram with a wild bird, which was on his head; even several people in this network accused her of incurring in an apparent case of animal abuse. In response, she herself clarified that in the area where she was, said species was in the wild and “Accustomed” to relate to people.

It is worth noting that the actress did not become famous in Latin America only for her performances in ‘Café’ or in the saga of ‘Without breasts there is no paradise’; He has also starred in large foreign productions such as ‘The Lord of the Skies’; ‘My heart insists on… Lola Volcán’; ‘Rich children, poor parents’; and others made in Colombia such as ‘Bazurto’, broadcast by Caracol Televisión in 2013.


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Carmen Villalobos’ confession about her body: “I like it because I look more plump”