Carolina de Monaco and Carole Bouquet, intimate friends, consuegras and fans of Chanel

They have shared very good moments together and also the hard ones. And the conclusion we can draw is that their friendship is unshakable. So when their children decided to marry, two families who have very close ties were thus united. It is not surprising either the effusiveness that both showed in their last public appearance together – they are not very frequent, by the way – in the presentation of the collection ‘Métiers d’art 2021-2022’ by Chanel, whose creative director Virginia Viard has given a new air to the classics of the mythical firm emphasizing the importance of the craftsmanship of each of its garments.

We are talking about a firm to which both are closely linked due to their great friendship with the remembered Karl Lagerfeld and in the case of Carole Bouquet for having been the image of the brand’s most popular and non-combustible perfume, Chanel No. 5. For the most cinephiles , we must remember that she was the protagonist of the last film by Luis Buñuel, ‘That obscure object of desire’, in which he represented the same role as Ángela Molina, depending on the imagination of the protagonist, who was brought to life by the remembered Fernando Rey. And now that ‘Sex and the City’ is back, it should be remembered that she also appeared in the popular HBO series.

How could the Princess of Hannover be in any other way – let us remember that he has not divorced Ernest of Hannover, Currently a couple of Pitita Ridriguejo’s daughter, both have opted for Chanel outfits, sober, discreet and very elegant. The Monegasque princess has opted for a set of black blouse and trousers, and a simple coat with beaded appliques on the sleeves. Carole, for her part, has chosen a white shirt with pearl buttons, a tweed jacket with bright sparkles, a shoulder bag and, what made the difference were her jewels, all of the firm, among which XL earrings stood out. , a chain with the logo and large rings.

Alberto de Mónaco with Carolina and Carole Bouquet, at the 2019 Rose Ball. (EFE)

The life of Carolina de Monaco is well known, but not so much in Spain that of Carole Bouquet, who still a star in Franceespecially thanks to television. At 64 years old, who turned 18 on August 18, she still maintains that sophisticated beauty that she has always displayed. Perhaps part of the happiness he exhibits is due to his stability with his partner, Philippe Sereys de Rothschild.

Prolific producer

Dimitri Rassam, Carlota Casiraghi’s husband, is the result of his relationship with the film producer Jean-Pierre Rassam, who died of a barbiturate overdose in 1985 at age 44 and was behind some of the great successes of the nouvelle vague , while Louis was born from his relationship with photographer Francis Giacobetti, which did not have a happy ending. He also gave a lot to talk about in the past, for his years as a couple with Gérard Depardieu, one of the most controversial figures and sometimes conflictive in the entertainment world in our neighboring country.

Regarding his friendship with Carolina de Mónaco, he declared three years ago in Paris Match magazine: “Carolina is someone I love deeply, whom I respect and admire and with whom I love to talk and share life’s moments. I have never been bored. with her”.

Carole Bouquet and Dimitri Rassam, with their partner at the time, Masha Novoselova, at the premiere of ‘The Little Prince’ in Cannes in 2015. (EFE)

Regarding his work in recent years, we must highlight the success achieved four years ago with ‘La mantis’, available on Netflix, and later with ‘Grand Hôtel’, a series that premiered in France in September last year. Later he shot the comedy ‘Boutchou’ with Gerard Darmon, and this year the series ‘En thérapie’ was released. Also ‘Las fantasías’, in which he was placed under the command of writer and filmmaker David Foenkinos, internationally known for novels such as ‘La delicadeza’ or ‘Hacia la Belleza’. Even so, in the collective imagination Carole Bouquet will always remain the Bond girl from ‘For Your Eyes Only’, alongside Roger Moore.

It is not surprising that his son Dimitri has followed in the footsteps of his parents in the world of cinema, where he has tried his luck with unequal fortune in different genres, the epitome of success being his animated adaptation of ‘The Little Prince’, for which Caesar won, and failure, ‘Playmobil: the movie’. It is, by the way, producer of Penélope Cruz’s latest work in Italy, ‘L’inmensità’. Now he is immersed in an ambitious project, a saga of ‘The Three Musketeers’ by Alexandre Dumas, of which two parts are already being shot,’ D’Artagnan ‘and’ Milady ‘, in addition to having a revisitation of’ pending release. Carmen ‘, in which Elsa Pataky and Rossy de Palma take part, and is directed by Benjamin Millepied, Natalie Portman’s husband.

Dimitri lives with Carlota and her children in Paris, where his company headquarters are located, and except for very special occasions in the Principality, he has always liked to take his personal life away from the media spotlight.

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Carolina de Monaco and Carole Bouquet, intimate friends, consuegras and fans of Chanel