Carolina Gaitán: what happened to Germán Gaitán, the Colombian artist’s brother

What happened to the brother of ? Germán Gaitán Lozano passed away at age 20, one of the hardest moments for the star of “Without breasts, there is paradise” and “The end of paradise.” The Colombian actress always remembers him in publications on her social networks, but few know what happened to her relative who left for eternity in 2010.

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, for instance, you dedicated some emotional words to German in a recent post for his new job on the animated film “Charm”. She was grateful for being part of the project and remembered that it was a dream that she intended to fulfill her brother.

“One day I came to live in Los Angeles with a suitcase that only carried dreams. Since we were little, together with my little brother (today my angel) we used to repeat the voices of Disney movies and we only dreamed of being those animated dolls “says the text published in his official account in Instagram.

The post is accompanied by a Photography celebrity on the red carpet of the new film production. For this reason, the artist was moved and moved her followers by sharing a new achievement with the memory of her relative.

Thank you, my angel captain. The theater bore your name ‘El Capitan’. Today everything came true, only you are missing, but I know that you are in every yellow butterfly that was even on my dress “, he stated.

Carolina Gaitán is experiencing a great professional moment. (Photo: Carolina Gaitán / Instagram)
Carolina Gaitán is experiencing a great professional moment. (Photo: Carolina Gaitán / Instagram)


German Gaitan Lozano, brother of the Colombian actress Carolina Gaitan, died at age 20 in a plane crash, on January 4, 2010, when he was preparing to be a professional pilot like his father.

“We were four women and a boy, he was my little brother. He also wanted to be a pilot and in a plane crash he left me. I think that is something that leaves a mark in the life of any person. He was 20 years old, we were very close because we were the youngest ”, Carolina Gaitán said in an interview with Suelta la sopa.

Behind the Sinister and the death of her brother, the actress asked to be will investigate what happened to punish in the event of liability or alleged negligence. “There was an instructor who has the obligation to be aware of his crew, but he went ahead leaving my brother behind on a plane that had, before leaving, a gasoline leak. He left him behind, they landed and wondered: And Gaitán? Well, Gaitán had already been injured, he was already dead “, stated in “Back then.


Carolina del Pilar Gaitán Lozano is a Colombian actress and singer 36-year-old who was born in Villavicencio on April 4, 1984.

Her first participation was in the reality show “Popstars” on the Caracol channel, of which she emerged as the winner and was a member of the group Escarcha.

Was the protagonist of the telenovela “Gabriela, turns of destiny”. Likewise, she played Catalina Bernabeu in “Isa TK +”, being the main antagonist of this telenovela.

In 2015 she played the role of Nelly Calle in the telenovela “Las Hermanitas Calle”. And that same year and part of 2016 she got the role of Lola Calvo in the Telemundo series “Celia”.

In 2016 she starred in “Without breasts, there is paradise” in the role of Catalina Marín Santana, a character highly remembered by all the followers of the series.



The Colombian actress will interpret the voice of the character Pepa, who is a lady with wavy reddish hair and wears long dresses with bobs that make her look very attractive. Her husband is Felix, a man with a happy spirit and thick build.

But this role was not easy to get for the actress, who had to wait two years since he sent his casting to receive confirmation that he would be part of the main cast of the new disney movie.


The movie of Disney tells the story of the Madrigal family, who live in hiding in one of the mountains of Colombia, a magical home that has given all children a special gift, except for little Mirabel, who discovers that the magic of “Charm”Is in danger and decides that she could be the one to save her unique family. The film is directed by Jared Bush, Byron Howard and Charise Castro Smith.

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Carolina Gaitán: what happened to Germán Gaitán, the Colombian artist’s brother