Carolina Ramírez, from ‘La Reina del Flow’, changes her look for a new production

Carolina Ramírez has been recognized in Colombia for different productions such as The Pola and the queen of flow, which have allowed him to position himself nationally and internationally.

Now, the actress surprised her followers with a radical change of “look” that caused reactions both for and against.

In the publication, Ramírez posed with a very short cut, unlike the long hair that he had used to his followers in The queen of flow.

Before they questioned her, the actress accompanied the image with the phrase “this cut makes me happy, bai”, implying that she does not care what they think of her new look.

The truth is that this cut has been a process that the actress has had for several months, since she had recently shown an initial cut with a photograph wearing a dress and red lip color.

At that time, he assured: “Look 48 hours. (I post to immortalize) Because everything is ephemeral… (soon ‘Amanda’ will take its place @unicornio_film) Thanks to @jepalenci and @sean_derbees for their incredible makeup and hairstyle (cut), but more for their energy”.

Now, Ramírez, who recently moved to Mexico to continue her acting projects, surprised with a second cut that provoked comments such as: “She is an actress and she makes these changes to embody characters, plus any cut looks good on her”; “You look cute but I like her better with long hair”; “If it makes her happy, then good for her, right?”

This is how his face looked after an accident

Beauty procedures, when they go well, can be one of the best options to highlight or improve some areas of the body. However, when they go wrong, these kinds of ‘fixes’ can leave all sorts of marks.

An example of this is the case of Carolina Ramírez, who also through his Instagram account showed the effects that a wax depilation left on the upper part of his body, especially the neck.

“The burn that I sent myself. It turns out that hair grows on me all over this part, ”said the actress, pointing to the sides of her neck.

Since he changed his residence to Argentina, Ramírez has not been able to get someone to help him with a good hair removal procedureand it seems that he still has not found the right person for this task, since the burns on his skin are remarkable.

“I had been doing a laser, I have had many sessions, but since I arrived in Argentina I have not known anyone who does a laser for me and they sent me a wax depilation. Look at the irritation so daughter of (…) that I have now, ”she added.

Also, the protagonist of The daughter of the mariachi indicated that he was very concerned about the state of his skin, for he did not know if the marks on his neck would be permanent or would fade.

His followers began to write various tips on the social network to deal with this irritation. Some indicated various tips which, they assured, should be taken into account for future waxing.

“You should have used baby powder and then used the bands. You literally burned yourself. And it will get worse, lots of moisturizer. Literally, what we women keep silent”; “strip hair removal produces this type of irritation, apply aloe vera, it’s great” and “don’t worry Carolina, that’s just irritation”, were some of the comments that were read on Instagram.

However, some users, both men and women, were surprised not only by the skin irritation, but because they did not know that hair could also grow on women’s necks. How are you?

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Carolina Ramírez, from ‘La Reina del Flow’, changes her look for a new production