Carolina Sandoval’s little daughter melted hearts on Instagram when talking about covid-19

Caroline Sandoval He has published a video in which his daughter Amalia Victoria is the protagonist. The youngest daughter of “La poisonous” reported that her covid tests are still positive and expressed her feelings about how she is living while she has the virus.

“Hello hello, I’m here in the kitchento. I want to tell you something: they still say in the exam that I still have covid, so I have to do homework, I have to take good care of myself, I can’t go to school and I take such good care of myself,” said the little girl.

“My grandmother and I still have covid, we have to wait. I no longer want to have covid to go to school and study with my friends… I have to sleep in my room alone.” Amalia Victoria expressed at the beginning of the video, in which she talked for a while.

These are some of the comments left for Amalia and Carolina in that publication:

“Oh dear, she is just light! I eat her with kisses. I hope everyone is very soon and well “

“May you get well soon beautiful little princess!”

“Beautiful God bless you and get out of COVID soon”

“So beautiful speedy recovery Amalia God bless you”

In the text that accompanies the video, Carolina Sandoval said: “THE MOST POSITIVE GIRL IN THE HOUSE TELLS THEM EVERYTHING. With the positivism that characterizes Amalia Victoria, she updates you with how things are going. This crowned warbler knows even more than me how to call things by their name bluntly. And as only @mipedacitodeluz knows how to do it, he teaches you how to wash your hands: “because washing your hands with water is not the same as washing your hands with soap and water. POSTSCRIPT: When Amalitica says Nick, she refers to her father, in fact, when she says India, she refers to the games area and TV room,” commented the mother of Amalia Victoria and Bárbara Camila.

Some days ago Carolina Sandoval reported on the infections. However, the Venezuelan and Bárbara Camila are already negative for the virus.

After two years, this visitor that we do not want to receive entered my house, in this variant called Omicron“He said when revealing the infections through a publication on his Instagram account.

After getting out of the virus, “La Venenosa” also took the opportunity to share with her followers the intimate moment in which she washed her hair for the first time after having painted it red before the end of 2021.

“I must confess something to you, after this covid that entered my body I have not wanted to wash my hair because I do not know what is going to happen and I’m going to wash my hair with Jomari’s products… Tell me if I’m all red”, he said at the beginning of the transmission.

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Carolina Sandoval’s little daughter melted hearts on Instagram when talking about covid-19