Catherine Fulop published a retro photo and revealed what was the only cosmetic surgery that was done

Catherine Fulop

In the afternoon of this Thursday, Catherine Fulop He dazzled his millions of followers after posting a retro photo on his Instagram account and sharing a deep reflection on how his body has transformed over the years. In addition, in passing he revealed what was the only cosmetic surgery he underwent.

Tanned, with a pink bikini and a sexy pose, she is seen by a 21-year-old Catherine who stares and smiles at the camera. “My photo today dates from about 1986. I think this photo is when I was doing my first novel ‘My beloved Beatriz’, I take it out for the look“Wrote the naturalized Venezuelan Argentinian who is 56 years old today.

I tell you that I never did any physical activity, I didn’t like doing sports, my thing was something else. With the arrival of my daughters, I wanted to improve my body because I felt that everything was falling apart, and that’s when I started to train and take care of my health”, He continued counting Cathy referring to the change in your lifestyle.

The retro photo of Catherine Fulop that captivated her followers (Photo: Instagram)
The retro photo of Catherine Fulop that captivated her followers (Photo: Instagram)

At the same time, Ova Sabatini’s wife revealed what cosmetic surgery was done and why: “As you can see in the photo, I always had a hips and a large tail, I had an intervention to enlarge my boobies (I felt that it was disproportionate). It sure happens to a lot of girls”, Argued Fulop seeking empathy among some of his followers.

Today I feel that my body has changed and most importantly, I feel active and healthy. They are loved“Oriana and Tiziana’s mother closed her message, along with emojis of a heart and a butterfly

Quickly, Catherine’s post was filled with “likes” and many positive comments that praised her image from three and a half decades ago. Among messages from his followers, the praise of Yanina Latorre (“Potraaa”, wrote the panelist from The Morning Angels), Mariana brey (“Bella”, expressed the other panelist of the program hosted by Ángel de Brito) and Carolina Pampita Ardohain, who just left him three little fire emojis.

Catherine Fulop's post with an old photo (Photo: Instagram)
Catherine Fulop’s post with an old photo (Photo: Instagram)

Cathy is one of those confirmed for the new season of Masterchef Celebrity 3 (Telefe), which will feature 15 other famous participants, including artists, athletes, and other disciplines, following the same line as those called in previous editions.

Last March, Fulop she eventually became an Argentine citizen. This was announced by her daughter Oriana sabatini by posting two stories that show the moment in which they give the happy news to their mother. “Yes, I swear,” the driver is heard saying while holding a video call with the lawyers who were transmitting the final resolution. “Officially Argentine, damn it. I love you”, his eldest daughter wrote him in that video. His mother shared those images on her Instagram and expressed: “I love Argentina that gave me the most beautiful thing I have, you, here is my home”.

Titiana, his other daughter, also shared a video of that moment and dedicated a tender message: “After so much effort, mom is today an Argentine citizen”. “I am Argentine like you”her mother replied.

The process had been delayed by the controversial statements that the actress had made in relation to the Holocaust. In an interview with Marcelo longobardi for Every morning, your program in Radio Miter, after being consulted about the economic and social crisis in her country of origin. “Why do you think Hitler survived? Because he did it all by himself? No, my love, because within (the fields) Jews were the worst, the most torturers inside the concentration camps. I don’t know if you know the story: the toads (NdR: he meant ‘kapos’) they were the Jews themselves who tortured their own people, they were the most cruel. The same is happening in Venezuela ”, were his words.


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Catherine Fulop published a retro photo and revealed what was the only cosmetic surgery that was done