Catherine Siachoque could not hold back her tears and wept when she remembered her deceased brother

Taken from Instagram @catherinesiachoque
Taken from Instagram @catherinesiachoque

The talented Bogota actress Catherine Siachoque She was one of the guests at the morning show ‘Good day Colombia’ on Canal RCN. There he recalled the moments he lived with Miguel Varoni when he was infected with covid-19, which is why there was a sudden physical change that left his face thinner and an older appearance than his followers had been used to.

“It was terrible! Miguel did not eat and all the hospitals were full. I had the medicines at home and I injected them myself so that he would recover”, he initially stated in ‘Good day Colombia’.

Then, the renowned soap opera villain added: “I was able to take care of him quite well, but unfortunately he didn’t eat. So, I would try to give him that food for sick people and I would say: ‘Eat, eat!’ It was terrible”.

After this story about her husband’s illness, she remembered that she was victorious and when she saw herself in the mirror she liked her new appearance.

In addition, Siachoque could not hold back her tears when remembering her brother Juan Jacobo, who died in 2019, since the recordings were carried out during the birthday of her blood relative, having to be consoled by Maite Perroni, another of the protagonists.

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On January 27, the actor Miguel Varoni, remembered in Colombia for giving life to Pedro Coral in the successful novel ‘Pedro el escamoso’ by Caracol Television, entered the operating room to undergo surgery on his face, since after the accelerated weight loss process, the muscles were affected causing his aging to be noticeable.

“By losing facial volume, the structure that gives support to the face is not only the bones or the muscle, but also the fat that is under the skin and decrease its volume, it begins to become very flaccid, ”said Miguel Varoni’s surgeon.

Well, this February 3, the images of the results obtained by the actor from the surgeon Alan González were known, who promised him an “extreme change” in his face and it was. Varoni now has a more youthful face, his features do not look so elongated and the skin of his face with the help of the scalpel has returned to a more flattering elasticity.

Here the complete video of the transformation of Miguel Varoni:

This is how Miguel Varoni was left after his facial rejuvenation

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The clip, in a few hours after being shared by Miguel Varoni’s official profile on his Instagram account, already exceeds 580,000 views and nearly 40,000 followers have ‘liked’ it. Among the comments, those of Carolina Sabino, Lorena Meritano, Marilyn Patiño and Maluma himself stand out.

“You’re a kid”, “Friend you were wow, that incredible surgeon”, “Wow great job but you are beautiful and we love you”, “It was more divine”, “Now to put on a few extra kilos so that you look even better”, “You turned out super well, it shows that there was not much need to move anything”, “It’s beautiful whatever you do”, among others.


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Catherine Siachoque could not hold back her tears and wept when she remembered her deceased brother