Celebrities who have been criticized: they silenced the ‘haters’ without losing their elegance

Social networks They have been a ‘double-edged sword’ since their inception, especially for celebrities who are the target of negative comments about their career and even their body. Consequently, there are celebrities who choose to defend themselves and for many their responses were “legendary”.

The singer of Mexican descent faced one of her critics on Instagram when, in 2014, she wished her and her family dead.

“I have to say that I do not take it well for people to be disrespectful, and even less so that they say things like ‘I hope your whole family suffers from cancer’. That is crossing a line and I am not willing to tolerate such hurtful words on my Instagram account I am going to tell you something else, the message you have left me about cancer is absurd and shows a total lack of consideration towards all the people who have suffered or are suffering from the effects of this disease. It’s okay if you don’t like a person, but from there to wishing something bad would happen to your family there is a long way to go. You have to educate yourself better and eliminate all that anger you have. “

In 2015, an innocent family photograph of the ‘Modern Family’ actress was completely taken out of context. This is because for certain Internet users, posing in a bikini was a very suggestive act. In this regard, the actress used her Instagram account to defend herself and stop the harassment.

“Who could imagine that an innocent photo with my nieces would turn into this? It makes me sick to think that, at 17, a photo of me with my family is suggesting that ‘I’m asking for something sexual.’ things people say behind their computer screens, but this is for girls who are constantly harassed online or at school. You are not looking for anything because of the clothes you are wearing, you are expressing yourself and never think you deserve the criticism for what you’re wearing. YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL. Celebrate it and don’t let anyone’s comments make you think you’re inferior. Girls should be united! “

With the premiere of ‘Roma’ (2018), the Mexican and foreign media were captivated by Yalitza; an Oaxacan woman of indigenous descent who in the blink of an eye went from being a teacher to an Oscar-nominated actress. Unfortunately this achievement turned into a target of attack towards her talent and ethnic origin, but the artist did not hesitate to defend herself before the microphones of Imagen Entertainment.

“I think we have to put an end to these ideas. Personally, I always believed that I could not be part of this, that it is like a fairy tale, because all my life I grew up seeing different women on the screen and now that the viewers see someone who looks like them or that they see that they can really show in a magazine this diversity that we have in Mexico, so it is an opportunity for them to be inspired to get there ”.

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At the beginning of her career, the ‘Umbrella’ interpreter stood out for having a slim figure. Her debut took place in 2003, when she was only a fifteen-year-old, so over the years her body changed and she gained weight. Although it is a completely normal process, there were those who criticized her for being ‘sloppy’ in her physical appearance. Sure, RiRi responded to her detractors in an interview with Vogue in 2018.

“I know there are days when I look plumper, but I wasn’t built like a Victoria’s Secret girl and I still feel beautiful.”

One of the biggest musical successes of the urban artist has been ‘Mayores’, which she launched in 2017 in collaboration with the singer Bad Bunny. However, the double meaning of the lyrics caused Becky to receive macho comments, so she took advantage of her interview with the radio station Zol 106.7 to fight back with a comment full of female empowerment.

“I just want to tell you something, when Bad Bunny sings his part in a double sense everything is fine, but if a woman says something similar it is the opposite. Every woman has the right to do whatever she wants, because when a girl owns something and is proud of it, you can’t try to tear that down. “

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Celebrities who have been criticized: they silenced the ‘haters’ without losing their elegance