Celebrities who have made investments in the Dominican Republic

In the last 25 years, the Dominican Republic has experienced a remarkable period of strong economic growth. The economy maintained its rapid expansion in the years leading up to the COVID-19 pandemic; Between 2015 and 2019, the annual growth rate of the Dominican GDP averaged 6.1 percent. Tourism, remittances, foreign direct investment, mining revenues, free zones, and telecommunications helped make the Dominican Republic one of the fastest expanding economies in the Latin American and Caribbean (LAC) region.

In addition, the film law has encouraged more international projects to select the Caribbean country to shoot. However, the favorable climate not only attracts these types of projects, it also motivates entertainment figures to bet on the country for their investments.

This Monday, the Puerto Rican salsa singer Marc Anthony met with President Luis Abinader without specifying what the meeting was about, but it could be to invest in a project. Marcos Antonio Muñiz, the artist’s first name, said that we must see how to help people with private investment in the Caribbean region. “It is an honor to be home,” he said.

Vin Diesel, Ozuna, or Ricardo Montaner have been other art figures who have met with the head of state, and after these talks they have decided to invest in the country. They have not been the only ones, from Diario Libre we have investigated and we bring the extensive list of celebrities who have or plan to have investments in the Dominican Republic.

Marc Anthony. The American is one of the celebrities who, in love with the paradisiacal beaches of the Dominican Republic, decided to have his own oasis here. The interpreter of “Vivir mi vida” spared no expense and built a luxurious mansion. The excellent climate and natural beauty of our tropical country played an important role in making this decision. The spectacular residence, which has the capacity to receive 24 guests, is in the Casa de Campo complex, located in La Romana, 112 km from Santo Domingo. He also has in action his foundation to help underprivileged children in La Romana, through his Maestro Cares Foundation, with which he inaugurated the Niños de Cristo Orphanage.


Those who feel Dominican

The Venezuelans Daniel Sarcos, Ricardo Montaner, the Spanish Diego el Cigala and the American Vin Diesel have not only been motivated to make investments in the country but have also expressed or carried out their interest in obtaining Dominican nationality.

Ricardo Montaner. In February 2020, the Dominican government granted the artist residency, which was proudly shared on their social networks. Since 2016, Montaner has chosen to live in Samaná. And he took this nation because “it is a very Christian country and we want to delve deeper into that. Help young people to move forward, “as revealed in an interview.

In addition to this house, the Venezuelan singer-songwriter confirmed that he is building a boutique hotel in Samaná. It will be called Lluvia and it will be an exclusive establishment with 11 rooms.

“In the family we have always had the concern of having a hotel and we have already begun to build it,” said singer Ricardo Montaner at a press conference in the Dominican Republic. Finally, he donated some land to the Government for the construction of a school to promote education in the community.

As a result of these investments, the singer Camilo, married to Evaluna Montaner, the artist’s youngest daughter, said that he is in the process of buying a house next to his famous father-in-law in Samaná.

Diego the Cigala. The singer settled in the Dominican Republic since 2013, bordered by the economic crisis in his native country, but also by his work schedule, since at that time a large part of his concerts were held in this part of the planisphere.

It was for these two powerful reasons that he decided to pack his luggage, take a plane and go with his then wife, the late Amparo Fernández, and their two sons Rafael and Diego, to the Caribbean island. The interpreter of ‘Si tú me dices ven’ decided on a house with which he had fallen madly in love and which was located in the Playa Nueva Romana residential area.

The residence of the singer, who was also granted Dominican nationality, and was distributed over two floors, had four bedrooms, six bathrooms and all the comforts that we can imagine.

In that house he did not last long, since later he moved to Tortuga Bay and the community of Arrecife, where he had Julio Iglesias as a neighbor.


Precisely from Julio Iglesias is the next one we are going to talk about. The Dominican Republic is the country that Julio Iglesias chose for his most ambitious investments, always in the hands of designer Óscar de la Renta, whom he considered a brother. Together with Frank Rainieri and Theodore W. Kheel, he set up the Punta Cana Group, which has, among other properties, the local airport, two golf courses, several urbanizations and hotels. Julio and Óscar lived a few golden years until the death of the Dominican designer in 2014.

According to international reviews, that loss, in addition to the new and tougher fiscal regulations in the Dominican Republic, motivated the singer months ago to decide to turn around and sell his entire stake -25 percent-, keeping only 5 percent. from Punta Cana airport.

Vin Diesel He is another who does not leave the country after learning that, on the part of his father (whom he did not know), there is Dominican blood. Apart from always scheduling the country as one of the places to shoot his films, the actor signed an agreement to build a film studio in Puerto Plata, in the north of the Dominican Republic, the country’s president, Luis Abinader, announced last year.

The studios will be built by the production company One Race Films, founded by Vin Diesel, and responsible for the “Fast and Furious” movie series.

“From #Bergantin, Puerto Plata we want to announce to the country the signing of an agreement for the construction of a film studio under the direction (of) @vinDiesel and One Race Film (sic.), Which will consolidate the Dominican film industry and generate thousands of jobs and will boost tourism, “said Abinader on his Twitter account.

Abinader, who develops a work schedule in Puerto Plata this Sunday, published a photograph with the American actor, on his third visit to the country in a few months.

The Dominican government has not released details about the cost of the investment or the size of the studies.

The Venezuelan television presenter Daniel sarcos has transferred its main investments to the Dominican Republic, although it resides in Florida it is in the country where it has its two television programs Spanish is spoken here and The war of the sexes.

His former program partner and compatriot Viviana Gibelli, Who in 2015 planned to settle in the Dominican Republic, where she planned to create television projects, finally gave up, but that did not stop her from investing in this nation. He set up a beauty salon in Santo Domingo. Like them, other famous Venezuelans like La Beba Rojas or Leonardo VillalobosThey not only work in television spaces as figures but also have investments in houses.

Actors interested in investing in the DR

Mark Wahlberg, Robert De Niro, Jamie Foxx, Steven Seagal and Fernando Colunga are some of the actors who have investments or have publicly expressed their interest in investing in the country.

In June of this year it was reported that the American actor and producer Jamie foxx would be acquiring a luxury residence in Casa de Campo with 6 bedrooms for an amount of 14.2 million dollars.

Miches became the focus of interest for two of the world’s biggest movie stars.

One of them is Robert De Niro, with investments in Dubay and other countries, who has shot films in the country, has taken an interest in Miches, El Seibo, which coincides with investments in the tourism sector from other countries, including the Caribbean island of Barbuda, where a proposal for The actor’s $ 250 million investment has sparked controversy.

Brad Pitt He also visited the town of Miches in the Dominican Republic, accompanied by businessman George Nader and some friends, where he spent moments of leisure and relaxation on the Costa Esmeralda beach. Pitt was visiting at the beginning of April 2021.


After shooting a movie, American film star Mark Wahlberg has been impressed by the beauty of the Dominican Republic to the point of having plans to build a house in Cabrera, a municipality in the María Trinidad Sánchez province, on the north coast of the country of the Caribbean. “I came at Christmas and I was in Cabrera, I spent time in Playa Grande, I bought a piece of land and I am going to build a house,” said the actor.

A large investment is also willing to make the actor Steven Seagal. The interpreter spent several days visiting the Caribbean country, where he has claimed to be amazed by its landscapes, the sympathy of its inhabitants and the potential of the Dominican Republic. So much so that the actor is willing to invest up to 300 million dollars (more than 250 million euros) for film productions in the country.

Finally, the protagonist of more than a dozen soap operas, the actor Fernando Colunga developed in the country the Cana Dorada Film Festival, a festival to promote tourism and local cinema. Colunga stated “that this initiative seeks to strengthen Dominican tourism; that is one of the main objectives, to promote tourism ”. He also said, “the great talent of the Dominicans should be taken advantage of and make it clear to the people who visit the DR, it is a country in which you can invest; it is a place where you can grow ”.


The singers are not far behind and have or plan to have investments in the country, whether for vacationing, living, doing business or developing their more supportive side; figures of the size of Jay Z and Beyoncé, Offset and Cardi B, Shakira, Romeo Santos, Ozuna or Ricky Martin, they have investments in the country.

Those who have villas are Romeo Santos, Offset and the luxurious mansion that he gave to his wife, rapper Cardi B, Shakira (who, according to international media, sold his villa in Casa de Campo), in addition to developing shares in his Pies Descalzos foundation, For its foundation, the singer Ricky Martin and Juan Luis Guerra, who reside in the country, have also developed projects in the country.

One of the biggest investments has been made by reggaeton player Ozuna, he acquired a popular station in Santo Domingo, which he relaunched under the name Alofoke FM, a new radio dedicated to urban music and interactive programs.

The new radio began its broadcasts officially on October 4, occupying the space of the station Sound Suave (99.3 FM), from which Matías has been broadcasting successful programs such as the morning “This is not radio” for months.

Politicians and businessmen have also put their investment in Dominican communications and hospitality. The large investments of Carlos Slim, the richest Latino in the world, and those of the former president of the United States and businessman Donald Trump in Punta Cana are an example of this.

Circo del Sol with fixed residence in the country

Considered one of the most spectacular circuses in the world, at the end of September the arrival to the country of Cirque du Soleil was announced, with the show “Kooza”, which will be presented in a large tent that will be installed in the Downtown Center of Punta Cana. since January 7, 2022.


Punta Cana and Santo Domingo are among the places chosen for vacationing by stars such as NBA legend Michael Jordan, and those considered the best footballers in the world Leonel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo, but the country has also become an attraction to invest among athletes.

The Spanish tennis player Rafael Nadal has a luxury villa in the Dominican Republic valued at $ 643,000. For his part, soccer player Iker Casillas has been promoting soccer in the country for several years. Not only has Iker Casillas come to teach the BBVA Soccer Clinics, the one considered by many to be the best goalkeeper of all time has investments in the area of ​​soccer with some schools teaching this sport.

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Celebrities who have made investments in the Dominican Republic