Celebrities who participate in ‘Así Se Baila’ react to the resignation of David Chocarro and Carolina Laursen

The cast of ‘Así se Baila’ say goodbye to David and Carolina. Photo: Telemundo / Alex Tamargo

Photo: Telemundo / Alex Tamargo / Telemundo

The celebrities who participate in ‘This is how you dance’ they react to the resignation of David Chocarro and Carolina Laursen… Yes, it is that in addition to kiss that Lorenzo Méndez gave Jessica Díaz, the surprise of the seventh gala was the decision of the couple of actors.

The contestant talents, who became a family of friends, made the decision of Carolina and David with amazement, sadness, helplessness and some tears.

At the end of the gala we spoke with Luna and Gregorio Pernía; Adrián Di Monte and Sandra Itzel; Samadhi and Adriano Zendejas; Lorenzo and Jessica; Jennifer Peña and Obie Bermúdez; and Elyfer Torres and Polo Monárrez, to tell us what do you feel about this setback in the competition.

Lorenzo Méndez and Jessica Díaz
Lorenzo Méndez and Jessica Díaz. Photo: Telemundo / Alex Tamargo

“They go for the family flag, and my respect for them, a big heart, we send you the blessings of the world, we love you ”, Jessica Díaz and Lorenzo Méndez.

Gregorio and Luna Pernía
Gregorio and Luna Pernía. Photo: Telemundo / Alex Tamargo

It makes me very sadThey are two colleagues that I appreciate, I really like how they express themselves, I am very sorry. From the beginning we wanted to start a family, and they are part of this family. There is going to be a void ”, Luna and Gregorio Pernía.

Elyfer Torres and Polo Monárrez
Elyfer Torres and Polo Monárrez. Photo: Telemundo / Alex Tamargo

“They have been great friends, we are two women in love with art, feminists, It hurts a lot especially because it was a very difficult decision for them, it was one of the most cannons of couples … They are of these people who made us all closer together. Nothing and no one is going to stop me from achieving my dreams, but when your emotional, personal, partner and family stability is being affected, there is no walk or anyone to prevent you from having to go towards it. They are making the right decision, but it will be a shame ”, Elyfer Torres and Polo Mónarrez.

Jennifer Peña and Obie Bermúdez
Jennifer Peña and Obie Bermúdez. Photo: Telemundo / Alex Tamargo

“I understand David and Carolina’s departure in the sense that if we are parents we have that responsibility, that feeling of spending the week without our children, and knowing that they also need to see them more.. I understand the feeling, and I agree with that part, but not with the one that they leaveThey are a strong team, they are our competition, not only because they dance brutally, but because they have that feeling for the family, we are like in the same boat, so it makes me a little sad, but still we understand, and we wish you only nice things, and grateful that we have another pair of friends ”, Jennifer Peña and Obie Bermúdez.

Adrián Di Monte and Sandra Itzel
Adrián Di Monte and Sandra Itzel. Photo: Telemundo / Alex Tamargo

It is the exit that has hurt us the most, they had to leave, they were not removed from the program. We admire them, we love them, it hurts us that they are so good. When my sprain happened they were there, they supported me from the first moment, it is unfortunate that they have to leave for other reasons, but I understand that family emotions. All I want is for them to be happy”, Sandra Itzel and Adrián Di Monte.

Samadhi and Adriano Zendejas.
Samadhi and Adriano Zendejas. Photo: Telemundo / Alex Tamargo

“It is of sum importance because they are talking about the family, and I think that is something that all families have to have as a priority. It is a loss that hurts us a lot because we consider them our friends. It is going to be a difficult process to be backstage and for them not to be there ”, Samadhi and Adriano Zandejas.



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Celebrities who participate in ‘Así Se Baila’ react to the resignation of David Chocarro and Carolina Laursen