Celebrity reactions to the murder of stylist Mauricio Leal and his mother

Mauricio Leal
Mauricio Leal

After knowing the opinion of the Attorney General’s Office on the death of the stylist Mauricio Leal and his mother, in the Channel 1 entertainment program ‘Lo Sé Todo’ several of the celebrities expressed their opinion.

Singer Shaira She was one of his best friends, because ‘Maito’, as the stylist was affectionately called, was present in each of his transformations on his way to rise to fame.

“He had a lot of admiration for me and I think it was mutual, because I admired everything he did. Lately they have been saying that everything he touched made it gold and that’s the way it is, because everything was going extremely well for him. I know that from heaven he is taking care of me and he is one more little angel “, initially mentioned the singer for ‘Lo Sé Todo’.

The singer could not believe the versions that circulated on social networks about a possible suicide, because she knew the stylist so well that she knew he was not capable of doing it.

I can’t tell you that I’m happy because nothing is going to give us back to ‘Maito’ but anyway, he feels a relief with what is already starting to come out. We are calmer because we know that they are working, that they are doing a good job. We have met with many friends from ‘Maito que From the beginning we knew that this had not been a suicide, things are coming to light and that is the important thing“Shaira pointed out in her conversation with the Channel 1 entertainment program.

The artist added that there were people who told them to be very careful with the publications they make to pressure the progress of the investigations into the death of the stylist, because they do not know the kind of person behind all this framework and the reprisals that may be take against him.

Mauricio is a completely transparent person, we are very surprised that they start to speculate more things instead of following the line they are going, we want the Prosecutor’s Office not to deviate, they are doing a good job, but we want them to continue on that side because in our hearts we know what is happening and there are many things behind all this “, concluded Shaira for ‘Lo Sé Todo’.

Another of the entertainment personalities who spoke about it was the actress Angeline moncayo, who appreciated that there are several media that have dedicated themselves to raising the name of the stylist and his mother.

“This has been like having our heads in a pool, as if they had let us out to breathe for a little while and then they had put our heads back into the water, because one of the most important things about the people close to Mauricio is clear your name. We knew from the moment one that they had been allegedly murdered and that the idea of ​​suicide was not possible.”, Mentioned the actress for ‘I Know Everything’.

And he added: “We have not been able to do a proper duel waiting for justice, which is the least they deserve. Now they take away the theory that was never true of suicide and Mauricio’s reputation for how he built his business, how he got his things is left between the lines and it’s not fair to them”.

The same did the presenter Carolina Cruz, who through her Instagram stories published an image with the news that El Tiempo shared on its website and accompanied with the text: “I always knew, from minute 1 of finding out what happened. You are and will be the ONLY genius child, they wanted to turn off your light and your name … that’s impossible “.

Another of the sections that cites the text that the presenter shared on her social networks, mentions that justice will soon be done on her behalf and that what her talent achieved was to spark envy and evil.

Taken from Instagram @carolinacruzosorio
Taken from Instagram @carolinacruzosorio


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Celebrity reactions to the murder of stylist Mauricio Leal and his mother