Charlène de Monaco “almost died in South Africa”: the latest revelations from friends of the princess

The words of Alberto de Monaco Regarding the state of his wife’s health, it does not seem that they have achieved their objective. Concern around Charlène of Monaco remains great and the new revelations do not help to change this. His absence in some citations precipitated the publication of the official statement in which it was confirmed that he needed step aside to continue recovering.

In fact, in this statement some unknowns were cleared up, such as the princess’s reason for being absent, but new doubts arose, especially around his whereabouts. Much was speculated on the possibility that Charlène was not living in the palaceBut in a nearby apartment, especially after the words of his sister-in-law Chantell Wittstock, his brother’s wife. Her husband was the one who confirmed that not only He was not in the palace, but was not even in the principality.

Charlène, along with Alberto, Jacques and Gabriella. (Palace of Monaco)

It seemed that things would become clearer after Alberto de Monaco’s interview for ‘Monaco Matin’ in which he revealed these details and in which he asked for respect and time so that his wife could rejoin after recovering completely without feeling the pressure of public attention. It has not been like that, the princess’s friends do not seem to be satisfied with the version that is being given of Charlène’s disease, at least they do. point a font for ‘Page Six’, that collects your statements.

“It is unfair that I present it with some kind of mental or emotional problem “, explained this source for the aforementioned medium. “We don’t know why Palacio downplays the fact that almost died in South Africa “, reveals. These criticisms come after the Alberto’s words in which he claimed that his wife suffered “fatigue, not just physical, that can only be treated with a period of rest and follow-up. ”

Alberto and Charlène, on Monaco National Day 2020. (Reuters / Eric Gaillard)

It seemed clear that this interview it would not be enough to clear up all doubts when, shortly after, he spoke again, this time for ‘People’ magazine. A few more words focused on deny all rumors that surrounded his wife in recent times: “As I know there are rumors out there, let me say that this is not covid, not related to cancer and, if you want to talk about more speculation, it has nothing to do with the cosmetic surgery or a ‘job’ on the face. ”

Also in this same interview he confirmed that the decision of stay admitted to a center, in “somewhere in Europe”, as he did not want to specify, it had been from Charlène herself. “She had already made the decision and we just wanted him to confirm it with us in front of us. She wanted this. He knows that it is best to rest in the framework of a medical treatment “.

Alberto and Charlène, celebrating their meeting during a visit of the prince to South Africa. (Instagram)

Thus, it seems that this has not been enough for the Charlène’s friends, who are concerned about their weight loss and are concerned that the seriousness of their situation is being underestimated. The same sources assure the media that “have not been able to eat solid food in over six months because of all the surgeries he’s been through since then, “and that he would have been eating liquids and through a straw.

Confirm that it is out of stock, but not for “serious mental health problems”, as one might deduce from her husband’s words, but from the surgeries and his inability to eat properly. Apparently would have lost almost half of their body weight.

Gabriella and Jacques, sending messages of encouragement to their mother from the balcony. (EFE EPA / Sebastien Nogier)

While waiting for Princess Charlène fully recovers, the Principality try to make his absence notice as little as possible, for example, counting on Alberto’s sisters to be by his side on the last important dates. It is the smallest of the house who most accuse the absence of their mother and in one of their last appearances on the balcony of the palace we were able to see them how they sent a beautiful message of encouragement for her mother, who sure thrilled Charlène from Monaco.

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Charlène de Monaco “almost died in South Africa”: the latest revelations from friends of the princess