Charlène from Monaco and the most original royal Christmas greeting

Three comebacks – albeit virtual – in more than a month and a half and all three for a good cause. It is the activity that the network has had in recent weeks Princess Charléne of Monaco, which has reappeared to congratulate the holidays, with a very original family image. We must wait for great events to show signs of life, since since it was known that I was outside the principality, the South African only skipped her rest to congratulate the National Day, on November 19, for celebrate your children’s birthday, last December 10, and this Tuesday, facing next Christmas.

The original image that Charlène has chosen to congratulate Christmas. Instead of a photograph with her husband and children, as they usually do every year, she has chosen a family illustration, with a beautiful drawing of the former swimmer herself with Prince Albert and the little Jacques and Gabriella. There is no lack of the corresponding Christmas tree with the gifts placed at his feet and the best clothes both in the ex-swimmer, with a party dress in gold and rhinestones on top, as in his family.

“Wishing everyone a beautiful and safe holiday time with all my love “, are the words of Princess Charlène that accompany this original image, which reminds us a lot of what they chose prince harry and meghan markle to congratulate Christmas last year. Although in the case of the Sussexes they did it for preserve your child’s privacy Archie, and in the case of the princes of Monaco, they have done it more for the inability to meet for photography, since the South African continues to receive treatment outside the principality.

The question now is how much of this illustration is real and how much has come out of the artist imagination, since Alberto and his children may have posed for this congratulation and that both the image and the look of Charlène are pure creativity, since it is supposed still far from Monaco and his family. In fact, a journalist very close to the sovereign confirmed shortly before the princess shared this congratulation that keep recovering and that there is not yet a stipulated date for his return, although everyone hopes it will be soon.

Charlène, with her family when she returned to Monaco. (Prince’s Palace)

Is about Stéphane Bern, a Franco-Luxembourgian journalist specialized in European royal houses and with a special connection with the Monegasque and Luxembourg. Not surprisingly, he was the author of the book ‘A sovereign love’, about the 40 years of marriage of the Grand Dukes Henry and Maria Teresa, so it is considered an authorized voice. In a recent interview, the journalist affirms that he is in frequent contact with Prince Albert, of whom he assures that “he needs Charlène by his side”.

The journalist has granted an exclusive interview to the French publication ‘Gala’, for which he has talked about the Charlène’s situation and physical distance from her family: “I am in contact with the Sovereign Prince quite regularly. He loves them deeply and takes good care of their children. He is a man very brave, of great moral strength and character before this ordeal“She says referring to Alberto.” I’m not surprised about him, he has always had the ability to tackle problems head-on, “he says.

A ‘normal’ Christmas

Of course, if the son of Rainier of Monaco has tried to do something, it is that his sons Jacques and Gabriella notice the absence of your mother as little as possible. She has done so during all the months that she has been in South Africa convalescing and unable to return, taking them to different activities and setting up a small home school to make your academic life easier. And now, with Charlène closer physically but receiving treatment at a specialized center, she is trying even harder.

Her sisters, Estefanía and Carolina, have been two fundamental supports, both for him and for the two children. Now, with Christmas just around the corner, everyone is putting even more effort into ensuring that the little ones live relatively normal days. And while Jacques and Gabriella can’t have the family photo they congratulate for the holidays every year, they do have at least one Illustrated image of the four as a beautiful and original souvenir.

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Charlène from Monaco and the most original royal Christmas greeting