Charlene, in Carolina’s mirror after her forced departure

A year has passed since the Grimaldi Palace officially announced that the princess Charlene he had to remain in South Africa as a result of an upper respiratory tract infection for which no further details were given. After attending the funeral of the King of the Zulu and lending his likeness to a campaign against rhino poaching, Prince Albert’s wife planned to travel to Monaco to attend one of the most important events on the agenda of the Principality: the Formula 1 Grand Prix. However, given her health situation, Charlene had to remain in South Africa.

Charlene de Monaco / Gtres
Charlene from Monaco in South Africa. / Gtres

At that time it was thought that it was an uncomplicated infection, but over time the situation worsened. Although in principle from the Grimaldi Palace they did not offer much information about it, the passage of time and the continuous rumors about his condition and his relationship with the prince albert caused some details to be given.

More than six months after traveling and after several interventions, the former swimmer returned home, but not to stay. As reported by Alberto de Monaco himself, Charlene would remain in a clinic outside the Principality to recover from the physical and emotional consequences of the whole process that had happened. Despite the fact that the causes of Charlene’s discomfort have never been deeply explored, speculation has continued continuously. Moreover, her recent reappearance has not cleared up the rumors of a crisis in the couple and the possibility of a divorce.

Charlene and Alberto de Monaco at the Formula 1 Grand Prix of the Principality / Gtres
Charlene and Alberto de Monaco in his last public appearance. / Gtres

A situation that, without a doubt, would not be especially favorable for the House of Grimaldi but, therefore, a separation de factobut no de jure, seems to become the best option. There have been many who have pointed out that the couple is broken, without openly talking about divorce. One of the people who has spoken in this regard is one of the aunts of the prince albert, who assured an Italian magazine that they would soon divorce. However, this is not so simple.

Although the crisis is more than evident, the word ‘divorce’ has never been put on the table. Moreover, as several sources reveal, the couple would have reached an agreement whereby Charlene receives a large allowance to make her life independently, she will have a house in Switzerland and will only participate in specific acts. A new reality that implies that she will not be able to be constantly with her children, who remain in her parental custody.

Carolina de Monaco and Ernesto de Hannover / Gtres
Carolina de Monaco and Ernesto de Hannover in an event together. / Gtres

This situation makes one think of Princess Carolina and her still husband, Ernest of Hanover. The couple has been separated de facto for several years, but there has never been any talk of divorce. What’s more, Ernesto has been living in Madrid for a few months with his new partner, Pitita Ridruejo’s daughter.

The reasons why Carolina does not step forward and get a divorce have been talked about many times. The reality is that she, at the moment, holds the title of princess of Hannover, which is above that of princess of Monaco. To this we must add that, if she were to divorce her, Ernesto could remarry and further complicate the situation of the Guelfa House. In fact, it has been pointed out that Carolina herself has made a pact with the Prince’s children so that this cannot happen.

Caroline of Monaco walking. / Gtres

Although Carolina had been away from the tasks of representing the House of Grimaldi for some time, Charlene’s illness has caused both her and Estefania to become supporters of the sovereign. something to the princess of hanover It is not alien to her, since she has served as first lady for many years and it is a role with which she feels comfortable. For this reason, Charlene’s ‘march’ does nothing but put Carolina in a predominant position, with whom they say that she has never gotten along especially well.

Charlene from Monaco and her family / Gtres
Charlene from Monaco and her family. / Gtres

Alberto and Charlene are unlikely to reach the same point as Ernesto and Carolina. Cordiality will be the maximum between the two and they will not adopt attitudes like those of the controversial Hannover. However, their separation de facto has many similarities with that of the eldest daughter of Grace Kelly and Rainierthat is, a full-fledged divorce, but only behind closed doors.

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Charlene, in Carolina’s mirror after her forced departure