Charlene of Monaco returns to the Principality with Prince Albert and their children after spending eight months in South Africa

And the day finally arrived. After more than half a year of absence and rumors about the real reasons for her stay in South Africa and her state of health, Charlene de Monaco is now back in the Principality where she has been received by Prince Albert and his twins, Jacques and Gabriella, six years old, as reported by the Monegasque royal house itself through its Instagram account, which has accompanied the news with several photographs in which you can see Charlene with her husband, her children and a new member: a Rhodesian Crested Dog puppy. According to the information provided, the princess landed this morning and the reunion with her family has been “full of joy and excitement.” The return meets the deadlines announced by Alberto himself, who a few weeks ago stated in Point de vue that his wife would return for the celebration of the national holiday, on November 19.

The German newspaper Bild I was advancing first thing in the morning of the day some details of the transfer that, finally, has ended up being confirmed. According to the publication, the former swimmer left the coastal city of Durban on Sunday, where she was fired by the King of the Zulu Misuzulu kaZwelithini, with whom she maintains a close friendship. There, at King Shaka airport, he boarded a Dassault Falcon 8X, owned by the Principality of Monaco, to begin his return on which Charlene’s father, Mike Wittstock, has spoken, who in statements to the German press agency in Johannesburg He has been happy with the news: “Thank God he has returned home.” Minutes before his departure, in front of the aircraft with the Monegasque shield, as you can see in a video posted on Prince Albert’s official Instagram profile, Charlene wanted to thank the support and assistance received during her stay in the African country.

If Prince Albert’s forecasts run their course, Charlene of Monaco will travel with him to the World’s Fair in Dubai next Saturday, as he expressed a few weeks ago in the magazine People, in what would be the couple’s first public appearance on an official visit in more than half a year.

Eight months have passed since Charlene Wittstock landed in South Africa “to check the work of her foundation there and to spend time with her brother and his friends”, as Alberto stated in an interview in PeopleWithout imagining then, that she would contract an infection diagnosed in May and that it would take her away from her family. Since then, because of the condition, the princess has had to be operated on three times, the last one on October 8, when he underwent surgery that required general anesthesia. “We are calm. This last operation, which was carried out on the nasal septum, went very well, “said her husband at the time through a statement issued by his foundation.

Throughout her stay in the African country, the former swimmer was able to meet Prince Albert and his twins on August 25. So her husband traveled with Jacques and Gabriella to South Africa to visit his wife. She herself wanted to share that meeting through her profile on Instagram with several images in which the couple could be seen enjoying with the little ones. The most talked about was Gabriella’s original haircut, which she had done herself. “I’m sorry my beauty, I did everything possible to fix it,” Charlene herself wrote then, who said she was “very excited” with the reunion.

The doubt hovers over the marriage of Albert II and Charlene of Monaco practically since they got married and in these separate months they have helped to intensify the rumors about their relationship, to the point that both have had to deny a possible crisis in several interviews. In September the sovereign even affirmed that his wife had not been “exiled” and that the only reason that kept her in South Africa was that her health condition did not allow her to travel. “We were a simple target because we are in the public eye,” he concluded. She also wanted to show her sadness for his absence during the tenth anniversary of their wedding and said then that these had been “difficult times” and that her husband had been her “rock” and her “strength”.

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Charlene of Monaco returns to the Principality with Prince Albert and their children after spending eight months in South Africa