Charlène’s father speaks for the first time about her situation: her surprising revelation

How is Charlène from Monaco? Since last May, when it became known that there was contracted an ENT infection, has been a recurring question, mainly due to the secrecy with which, until recently, the subject has been discussed from the Palace of Monaco. It has been in the last few weeks that more details of his situation have been givenEither by the mouth of Alberto de Mónaco, or by the mouth of some friends, who have been the ones who have spoken most clearly about his state of health. Now, it has been the Charlène’s father the one who has broken her silence, sharing a shocking revelation from her daughter’s stay in South Africa.

Although he was in his country of origin for many months, from March to November 8, when I could finally go back to Monaco, Michael Wittstock has confessed to a South African media, ‘You’, that she could not be with her daughter throughout her convalescence. A fact that is very strange, given that it was a very long stay and Charlène was supposed to be leaning on her family to make the situation more bearable. But no: the ex-swimmer he could not count on the company of his parents to help her in her recovery.

Charlène, with her father on their wedding day. (Getty)

And it was the fault of the fear of coronavirus, as he has confessed in the aforementioned publication: “At our age -75 years old he is, 74 his wife, Lynette-, you have to be very careful. I also did not want to infect it because he had undergone many medical procedures and was very vulnerable. “This is how Michael Wittstock explains that they could not travel from Johannesburg, where they usually live, to the Kwazulu-Natal area, where has Charlène stayed during practically his entire stay, since he attended the funeral of the zulu king until he finally got permission from the doctors to fly.

So, if Charlène’s situation seemed difficult to us, her father’s revelations make it clear that it has been even more complicated: many months without being able to be with anyone from her family and with only two visits from their children, more than brief. Of course, Michael Wittstock also makes it clear that the contact between them was permanent and anticipates the possible speculations that may arise after these confessions: “We have spoken regularly on the phone and I speak with the twins. We have a great relationship. ”

The parents of Princess Charlène, during their daughter’s wedding to Alberto de Monaco. (EFE)

The father recognizes that it is not the best situation and is logically concerned about his health, but he also throws some reassuring words and trust your recovery, mainly because of her physical strength and sportsmanship, which have always accompanied her: My daughter swam 20 km a day. Knowing the way she trained, I know that she is tough and that it will work out well, it will come out much stronger”. A hopeful message that joins the one that in every statement he has made about his wife, Alberto de Monaco himself has shared.

As we said, it has been some friends of the princess who have spoken in cruder terms of their illness and of the concern that has been for his life. This was collected by the ‘Page Six’ media, who spoke with some close friends of Charlène: “It is unfair that she is presented with some kind of mental or emotional problem. We do not know why Palacio downplays the fact that she almost died in South Africa “, they revealed. Some criticisms that came after the Alberto’s words in which he assured that his wife suffered “fatigue, not only physical, which can only be treated with a period of rest and follow-up.”

Charlène, with her children and Prince Albert after their return to Monaco. (Palace of Monaco)

These revelations from Charlène’s friends made it clear that they are concerned about the fact that Charlène’s situation is underestimated: “He has not been able to eat solid food in over six months due to all the surgeries he has undergone since then.” For that reason, he would have been feeding himself with liquids and through a straw, which would have caused his drastic weight loss and, therefore, that image so deteriorated that it has shown in few photos that you have shared during this time.

For the moment, and leaving aside the confessions of these friends, it seems that Charlène’s family has made pineapple, at least in terms of his treatment and recovery. And no one is in a hurry for the princess to return home, unlike when she was in South Africa. Now he needs tranquility and a period of absolute rest, in which, just as when he was in his country of origin for months, he will not be able to have the company of his family.

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Charlène’s father speaks for the first time about her situation: her surprising revelation