China Suárez cleared up doubts about her daughter Rufina’s education during her days in Spain

China Suárez in her first days in Madrid

In mid-September, and after announcing his separation from Benjamín Vicuña, Eugenia China Suarez He traveled to Madrid (Spain) to settle there with his three children: Rufina, from his previous relationship with Nicolás Cabré, and Magnolia and Amancio, fruits of his partner with the Chilean actor. The actress flew to the Old Continent to film a film a movie with Alvaro Morte, popularly known for his character as The teacher, in the Spanish series The Money Heist.

Is about Objects, a thriller with shades of Film Noir (film noir) directed by the multi-award winning Jorge Dorado and written by the screenwriter Natxo López (creator Lost). In addition to the former protagonist of Argentina Land of Love and Revenge -which will have a new season in 2022– The cast is made up of Argentine actors Daniel Aráoz and Andy Gorostiaga. And Maitane San Nicolás and Zorion Eguileor.

The actress also traveled with her mother, Marcela riveiro, who usually accompanies her and helps her with the care of her children. Especially when you have to fulfill work commitments abroad. In this way, the artist goes to work in peace knowing that Rufina, Magnolia and Amancio enjoy their grandmother.

Rufina, Magnolia and Amancio posed with a sign of their mother's surname, Suárez, in Madrid (IG: @sangrejaponesa)
Rufina, Magnolia and Amancio posed with a sign of their mother’s surname, Suárez, in Madrid (IG: @sangrejaponesa)

As soon as China left Argentina to start filming the film, she began to share photos and videos of her new life in Spain. And in the last days -after the scandal in which she was involved subsided because Wanda Nara discovered that she exchanged messages and calls with her husband, Mauro Icardi– He resumed his activity on social networks and had different exchanges with some users who left questions in the photos that he was publishing during this time.

“How will the bigger girl do with school?”A user wanted to know about one of the photos that China shared on her Instagram account, a social network in which she has almost six million followers. And it was the actress herself who cleared up doubts about the education of eight-year-old Rufina, who at the beginning of the year began third grade at a private institute in Pilar, near the country where her mother lives, and also her father, Nicolás. I will fit.

“It does it by zoom”Suárez responded in a public message that can be seen among the comments of said post. And added the emoji of a heart. In this way, she clarified that the girl continues to study with the same modality that she did during 2020 when classes were suspended in person due to the coronavirus pandemic and they became virtual.

The response of China Suárez about her daughter's education (Instagram)
The response of China Suárez about her daughter’s education (Instagram)

The filming of Objects, and China, their children and their mother have planned to return the next few days to Buenos Aires to resume their work activity and projects that were pending in Argentina. In the same way, their children will be reunited with their respective parents.

What is the plot of the film starring China Suárez and Álvaro Morte? As indicated in the Spanish press, Mario He works in a large lost property warehouse where he keeps all kinds of belongings accumulated for decades. Mario, who long ago decided to separate himself from people, spends his free time investigating the provenance of objects to return lost pieces of their lives to their owners. Just Helena, a young policewoman who visits the warehouse frequently, has been able to slightly pierce her armor.

One day a suitcase rescued from the bottom of the river arrives at the warehouse. Inside, he finds baby clothes along with some human remains. Mario decides to investigate on his own and following the trail of the suitcase he reaches Sara, a young woman trapped as a child in a human trafficking organization. A network that treats people as if they were objects.

La China Suárez shared a photo of the filming of "Objects" with Álvaro Morte
La China Suárez shared a photo of the filming of “Objetos” with Álvaro Morte on her social networks


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China Suárez cleared up doubts about her daughter Rufina’s education during her days in Spain