China Suárez kissing Rusherking at the Martín Fierro after party

The actress and the ragpicker were seen very cuddly

China Suarez and Rusherking They were shown together on Sunday night at a after party of the Martín Fierro 2022 awards. In this way, the rumors of a romance between the actress and the rapper that began to circulate since last week were confirmed. According to the journalist Daniel Gomez Rinaldi They had been dining at the Enero restaurant, in the Costanera area.

This weekend, they participated in a party that was held in a bowling alley in Puerto Madero with several celebrities, such as Lali Esposito and Jimena Baron. Videos of the couple went viral on social networks in which they can be seen kissing, very caramelized. Journalist pampito published some images of them and clarified: “La China and Rusherking very cuddly… Super together at the MF after party.”

Furthermore, the producer Franco Mozotegui uploaded to his Instagram account another video in which he appears Jimena Baron dancing and in the background you can see China very close to the ex of Mary Becerra. With these images, it was confirmed that this affair that attracted attention is true, especially from the popular singer who expressed her pain on the networks.

“I’m on the floor” The Argentine singer wrote on her personal Twitter account, which clearly did not lack messages of support and criticism for both China and Rusherking. On the one hand, there are those who believe that she made reference to to the teeth, the new video clip that from the first minute generated a great impact. On the other, others affirm that this is his state of mind when he found out that his ex-partner has already turned the page and the possibilities of returning vanish.

It should be remembered that María Becerra and Rusherking They were one of the most beloved couples in urban music. In December of last year, after she posted angry tweets and unfollowed him on social media, the interpreter of “Lie to Me” decided to put an end to the speculation and confirmed the end of the relationship. “I am sorry that I acted impulsively from my pain. I want to clarify that @rusherkingg and I are no longer a couple, and that everything that needs to be resolved will be resolved in private. I appreciate your concern!” (SIC), the artist wrote at the time.

According to several interviews, the musicians met at a music camp. “The setting was from a romantic movie. I liked it and even told my friends about it. On the last night I had a few drinks and faced him, ” she says with a laugh in a video they share on YouTube.

“That night he touched my back and told me that he loved my Cordovan accent. To which I replied that I was not from Córdoba but from Santiago del Estero and I turned around”, he added. After that disagreement they kept in touch through social networks. Rusher remembers that, a few days later, she responded to a story on Instagram and, little by little, they began to talk. Today this story is already in the past.


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China Suárez kissing Rusherking at the Martín Fierro after party